How To Defeat Captain Ferris Boss In The Callisto Protocol

Captain Ferris is a resident evil-Esque antagonist in The Callisto Protocol, with whom you’ll cross paths multiple times, eventually leading to an inevitable boss battle.

The final boss fight for this relentless enemy will be the toughest since Ferris will mutate, raising the stakes and making it harder for the player to survive.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the perfect strategy you can utilize to defeat Captain Ferris in The Callisto Protocol, and the best weapons you should make use of to get the job done.

How to defeat Captain Ferris in Chapter 7

The final showdown between Captain Ferris and Jacob is divided into two parts, so we’ll go through them in order.

Firstly, you’ll be facing Captain Ferris in a similar battle as before, requiring the players to perfectly dodge his attacks, and deal damage to him through Jacob’s melee weapon.

Whenever you’ll land a successful melee attack on him, it’ll provide the players with a short time frame to land a few critical shots with their guns.

In Chapter 7, Captain Ferris appears as a Biophage. His transformation is not complete, but he is larger and more robust than usual.

You’ll be facing Captain Ferris in a similar battle as before, requiring the players to dodge his attacks perfectly. After you dodge each of Ferris’s attacks, Ferris is left open for a small window, and you get an opening to counterattack. Here, melee Ferris.

Whenever you land a successful melee attack on him, it’ll give the players a short time frame to land a few critical shots with their guns. It’s best to use your highest-damage weapon for this, preferably the hand canon.

Captain Ferris also has a grab attack during the first phase, but this attack is always only triggered when you are too close to him. You best avoid getting grabbed by keeping your distance, which is crucial after your counterattacks.

Eventually, once you’ve dealt enough damage to Captain Ferris, a cutscene will be prompted, during which he will transform into a much more intimidating enemy.

During this battle, Ferris is powerful enough to kill Jacob in one blow, so keep your distance and deal constant damage to him.

How to defeat Captain Ferris (Alpha) in Chapter 8

After you defeat Captain Ferris in your first encounter in chapter 7 and have arrived on the cold, harsh surface of Callisto, you will face Captain Ferris again. Since Ferris was already infected with the Biophage, he has now transformed into Subject Alpha.

When transformed, Ferris will have a protective shield in front of his face, and you have to destroy it before you can damage him. This is why your weapon of choice should be a shotgun such as the Skunk Gun or the Riot.

Captain Ferris, or Alpha, gains new attacks in the second fight again. Besides the phenomenal strength, Alpha comes with new ranged attacks and the ability to summon Exploders to aid him in the battle. You must eliminate these Exploders from a distance; otherwise, they will blow up in your face.

Alpha always keeps his shield up, which protects its face, which is also the weakest part you need to aim for. Use the Riot Gun and deal as much damage to Alpha as possible until it lowers the shield protecting its head. At this point, Alpha will summon the Exploders to help until it can regrow its shield.

It is recommended to maintain a safe distance by circling the raised platform/podium you’ll notice in the middle of the room. Standing near this area will also allow the players to deal with the smaller enemies that might be a bit hard to hit if Captain Ferris is right behind you.

Staying on the podium is safe until the head is exposed. After you have dealt enough damage, Alpha will let out a roar, and that’s your cue to take cover behind the pillars as Alpha will launch a colossal AoE attack. This is also the perfect time to heal.

Lastly, use your surroundings and the explosives placed around the room to your advantage, which will help deal a significant amount of damage to Captain Ferris.

Once you’ve dealt enough damage to Ferris, he will eventually collapse, prompting a cutscene and marking the end of this boss battle.

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