COD WW2 Zombies: The Shadowed Throne Recording Locations

Hear what soldiers have to say about Mittelburg.

There’s always something to find around the map of Call of Duty: WW2 zombies and one of them is the audio recordings hidden behind a few tedious tasks in the Shadowed Throne map.

These audio recordings are part of the Easter Egg for WW2 zombies and reveal snippets of the storyline of how the apocalypse started.

These audio recordings can become a hassle to find as they’re hidden behind a few puzzles that require solving.

Where to find all Recordings in The Shadowed Throne?

The audio recordings are scattered around the Shadowed Throne map and each recording requires a different task to complete. We’ve categorized them in the order you find them below.

Audio File 1

The first audio recording can be found inside the Cabaret, tucked inside a small box on the main desk. To obtain the recording players must shoot eight lamps around the building in a specific order for it to appear on the desk.

The first lamp can be found on the right side of the front desk. The next lamp will be between the instruments on the left side of the desk. To spot the third lamp, head into the main hall and look above the rubble to spot it. The fourth one will be placed on the piano below the main staircase.

Venture through the main hall to the wardrobe section to find the fifth lamp on the stage lever outside the main entrance of the wardrobe. The sixth will be placed next to the blue dress inside the wardrobe. Walk across the wardrobe to spot the seventh lamp on the desk beside the cheetah and the last one will be placed on the main desk.

Once all of the lamps are hit in the correct order, you’ll see the audio recording spawn right in front of you. Pick it up and learn about the lessons from Mittelburg.

Audio File 2

For this audio recording players must head over to the Apartments in the Shadowed Throne map. The audio file will be placed inside the hand of the dead German woman.

To obtain the recording, players must first melee the painting hanging above the filing cabinets outside of the bedroom to reveal a vinyl. Jump above the cabinet and press square to acquire it.

Once the vinyl is acquired, head over to the gramophone in the room next to the filing cabinets and place the record in it.

This next step will require players to get the Wonderbuss to charge the Gramophone to retrieve the audio file in COD WW2 zombies. Shoot the gramophone until the red light turns green and a song starts playing.

After the song ends, approach the German woman to retrieve the audio recording and receive a jump scare on the way.

Audio File 3

The last audio file is kept inside Peter’s Straubs’s Zeppelin which becomes available during the battle with the Stadtjager.

Players must turn on the valves placed inside the main bunker of the ship to unlock a drop pod containing the recording. The valves are quite easy to find as they’ll be placed next to the console command.

Once all three audio files are with you, listen to them and get a better understanding of the story behind the WW2 zombies in the Shadowed Throne map.

Did You Know

The Stadtjager returns to the Tortured Path map.

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