COD WW2 Zombies: Final Reich Blitz Power-Up Locations

Get to know about all the perks and their effects.

In Call of Duty: WW2, perks are introduced with a new name – Blitz Power-Ups. These perform the same function of giving you a few bonus effects, which can range from an increased reload speed to an increased reviving speed.


You can earn Jolts by shooting and killing zombies. Headshots give you 100 Jolts while killing a Brenner/Meuchler gives you 800 Jolts.

There are a total of 6 different Blitz Power-Ups in the Final Reich, each bought from a different Blitz Machine at a different location. The cost of these Perks in Jolt also increases with respect to the overall bonus of the Power-Up.


You can increase the amount of Jolts you earn via the Elektromagnet consumable.

This means that a more powerful Perk will cost more Jolts, but the ease of use mainly depends on your expertise in a particular playstyle. Note that if you are downed while using these perks, you will start losing your Blitz in order of purchase.


You can have a total of 4 Blitz active at a time.

With the basics of these perks out of the way, let’s learn about where you can find each of these WW2 Final Reich Blitz Power-Ups and their effects.


Cost: 500 Jolts Solo | 1,500 Jolts Co-Op
You should be able to locate Lebenblitz at the Village Entrance. In solo, Lebenblitz automatically revives the players but is limited to 3 uses only. In co-op, Lebenblitz increases the reviving speed of the players.

After reviving yourself, the Blitz is removed, and you must buy another one. 


Cost: 2,000 Jolts
You should be able to locate Laufenblitz inside the Tunnel connecting the Village Square to the Sewers. If you do not know how to access the Tunnel, you can check out our Pack-a-Punch Guide which details everything you need to know about accessing the area. As for Laufenblitz, it increases your movement speed and gives you infinite stamina. This is similar to the Stamin-Up perk.


Cost: 2,000 Jolts
You should be able to find Faustblitz inside the Command Room – right next to the Weapon Assembly Station. This Final Reich Blitz Power-Up perk increases your melee damage by 100%.


Cost: 3,000 Jolts
You should be able to find Schnellblitz inside the Laboratories. This Sleight of Hand power-up grants you increased reload speed – invaluable!


Cost: 2,000 Jolts
You can find Schildblitz right next to the Lab-Trap. With this WW2 Blitz Power-Up, you summon a burst of electricity that surrounds you during your reloads. This electric field damages and stuns any enemies that come in contact with it, with the damage relating to the ammo in the mag.


Cost: 2,000 Jolts
You need to head inside the Pub to find Kugelblitz – next to the torn wall. The Kugelblitz perk increases the overall damage output of your weapons as well as their fire rate.

Armor Plating

Cost: 2,000 Jolts –  increases the more times you use it. 500 points initially.
Can be found right above Schnellblitz, in Village Square, by the Salt Mines, and the Riverbank. Provides armor plating that will allow you to receive a greater number of hits before you go down. Similar to the Juggernog perk in the previous games.

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