Call Of Duty: Warzone’s Ricochet Might Be Nerfing, Not Banning Cheaters

Ricochet may not be the perfect anti-cheat Call of Duty: Warzone needed, but it can still make life quite frustrating for cheaters.

Ricochet may not be the perfect anti-cheat Call of Duty: Warzone needed, but it can still make life quite frustrating for cheaters.

According to an update provided by a major cheat maker (via CharlieIntel) earlier today, Ricochet takes into account player statistics before imposing punishments. The anti-cheat can detect and flag players with “inhuman super accuracy” after which the flagged players will have reduced weapon damage in Warzone.

The best part is that flagged players have to deal with their nerfed damage even if they stop using cheats. It remains to be confirmed if there is any other way to unflag an account but in the meanwhile, cheat makers are trying to find some other way to fool Ricochet.

Until such a solution can be found, cheat makers are advising their customers to “use low recoil reduction instead of full no recoil” in order to still have some advantage in Warzone but not as much as to catch the attention of the anti-cheat.

While a question naturally rises as to why Ricochet cannot just simply ban such players, it appears that developer Raven Software went for a second line of defense with its anti-cheat system. Hence, players using cheats which are difficult to detect can still be identified through their statistics such as constant headshots at long ranges which would be impossible for any legitimate player.

It should be noted that while Ricochet is working to some degree, there are always clean players out there (professionals included) who will always have above average statistics in Warzone as well as other Call of Duty games. The player-base is a bit concerned that if such an anti-cheat system is now in place, will it somehow flag the wrong players for simply being too good?

Last week, a major cheat maker announced that it has been able to bypass Ricochet in Warzone. Incidentally, the same cheat maker is being taken to court by Activision.

The Ricochet anti-cheat system was designed as “a multi-faceted approach to combat cheating” in the Call of Duty franchise. The anti-cheat uses a kernel-level approach, meaning that the anti-cheat runs on an operating system (Windows) level to check all software and drivers running in the background. Any running or injected cheats will hence be detected, leading to the player being banned.

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