How to Defeat Steiner in Call of Duty Vanguard

In this guide, we'll show you how to defeat Leo Steiner in Call of Duty Vanguard by outlining everything you need to know about the fight.

Call of Duty has a rich history of climactic fights against the antagonist of each game. This same holds true of CoD Vanguard, where you face off against Leo Steiner. This is no easy task as Steiner puts up a difficult fight, but worry not as in this guide, we’ll show you exactly how to defeat Steiner in Call of Duty Vanguard.

How to Defeat Steiner in Call of Duty Vanguard

Steiner is the final boss and main antagonist of Call of Duty Vanguard. Without giving away any spoilers, the summary is that you have personal beef with Steiner and want to kill him.

Getting to Steiner

Before we get to Steiner, we need to address the fights before Steiner. Getting to Steiner in the final mission of CoD Vanguard is a hard job itself as you will have to cross a sea of enemies. The level is one of the most challenging level in the game.

You will be running around the map, and fighting off hordes of enemies at each step, whilst constantly changing weapons just to stay alive.

The best strategy is to keep switching covers to keep the enemies from pinning you. Camping at one location and letting the enemies come to you is a recipe for disaster. You can also consider this a practice for fighting Steiner.

You will also fight off three Jagermorders and the best you can do is keep on rotating between covers, until you get close to them and get a few shots with your best heavy caliber weapon.

Steiner Fight

Once you make your way through his army, you will be thrown in a small, cramped room with Steiner. You will lose all your weapons except your knife, while Steiner will come at you with an Incendiary Shotgun.

Here, you cannot takeout Steiner in a direct confrontation. As you have learned throughout the level, you will need to move from cover to cover and crawl under the desks to get away from Steiner and stay out of his line of fire.

You cannot just hide at the same spot as Steiner will look under the tables and behind the covers, so staying in one place will get you easily detected and even shot.

The room is small and cramped, and this allows you to easily circle around the room.

To kill Steiner, you will have to stab Steiner multiple times. To do this, simply keep on rotating and try to get behind Steiner. Once you manage to do this, sneak up to Steiner, and press the button to land one attack. Steiner will knock you back and that’s when you run away immediately.

During the hiding phase, turn off the Gramophone if it is turned on, so you can listen to Steiner’s threats and footsteps to determine where he is at and how are you to approach him.

Repeat the process and you will have to stab Steiner three times in the same manner. After the third time you stab Steiner, the fight will be pretty much over.

After the third stab, you get the notification that the objective to Defeat Steiner is completed. Follow the bloody trail and you will find him on a Balcony outside. This is where the cutscene cues and you just sit back and see Polina take care of Steiner.