Call of Duty Modern Warfare Weapon Leveling Tips

We already broke down all the weapons available for players to run around within Call of Duty Modern Warfare reboot. However, the gunsmith in Modern Warfare works a bit different from some of the previous games. Weapons now have a leveling system and you unlock new attachments for weapons by leveling it up. This guide will focus on giving essential tips to help you with fast weapon leveling in Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Weapon Leveling

Whether you want to run and gun or sit back and snipe, you’ll need to level up your guns. We’re going to explain how the ranking works and some tips for leveling up your weapon.

The best thing about the Gunsmith is that you can access it at any time. At rank 4 you can create your own class. Each weapon has a huge variety of attachments to play around with in the most in-depth Create-A-Class ever.

Generally, when you acquire a new weapon, you unlock a whole new set of attachments. The guns have an attachment unlock sequence that introduces new stuff as you progress further. The top right-hand corner in gunsmith shows the next 5 consecutive unlocks an attachment.

Open up “Weapon Level” in the gunsmith to see what unlocks you have coming next. The attachments available are shown to you right away in a preview.  In the barracks there is a rank progression action so that in terms of weapon progression; every single weapon has a minimum of 30 levels.

Unlock As Many Attachments As You Can
Some builds require certain attachments to work. Suppressor attachment is ideal for a more silent approach while laser sighting can help you during heated battles. Get as many attachments as you can.

Use the Same Weapon In Battles
The only way to rank up is to use the weapon frequently. Do some weapon challenges to gain some extra XP and just put in the time to becoming proficient.

The ideal mode to leveling your weapon up fast is 20 Player Domination. This requires you to capture objectives and then guard them against other players. You respawn quickly and have a bunch of players for target practice so you’ll be shooting more frequently than usual.

Use Weapon Mount Feature
Instead of the typical lean feature from other shooters and old Call of Duty games, Modern Warfare introduces the mount feature that you can use at the edge of any surface to lean against and stabilize your weapon. This is a great way to learn how to fire faster weapons without getting hit too much. Once you become accustomed to weapons like this, you can master other similar weapons.