Call of Duty Modern Warfare Update 1.05 is Live, Patch Notes Inside

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has seen a descent launch if we compare it with other Call of Duty games in the past. Infinity Ward, of course, is under a lot of pressure to maintain the game’s stability. They are working hard to address any issues that players are facing in Modern Warfare. Already, multiple patches and updates have been released for the latest Call of Duty title. Now, update 1.05 is available on consoles and PC for download.

If you own a PlayStation 4 or an Xbox One, start the game now and you will see a pending update ready to download. As far as the size of this Modern Warfare update 1.05 is concerned, it will consume 2GB of your hard drive. A 2GB patch is not small so we expect a lot of fixes, tweaks and improvements in this update.

As for PC, the latest Call of Duty Modern Warfare update has been reported to be 7GB in size. We have finally gotten hold of the patch notes for the update 1.05 for those of you interested in reading.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Update 1.05 Patch Notes

  • Backend fixes to help prevent against crashing across all platforms – if you experience a crash, please let us know
  • Fix for a bug where players could earn more points when shooting specific vehicles while having Pointman equipped
  • Improved ADS while using weapons without scopes on Xbox
  • In some instances, some players were not able to complete the Highway mission due to an exfil bug
  • Fix for the “Best of the Best” challenge not tracking progress
  • Fix for the “Elite Sniper” challenge not displaying the correct description
  • Fix for various camos not unlocking during progression
  • Fix for the unlock criteria for the “Double Cross” reticle not progressing past 4
  • Fix for the description and requirements needed to unlock some optic scopes in Gunsmith
  • Fix for an exploit in Gunsmith when using mouse and keyboard

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has managed to secure impressive reviews so far and fans are loving the new graphics engine and the gunplay. For the first time ever in call of duty series, Infinity Ward has introduced Cross-platform play between PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This obviously has brought friends together and more people are playing Call of Duty than before.

Like all other online multiplayer games, we expect more patches to roll out in near future as Infinity Ward will have a lot of balancing and matchmaking issues to fix. So we recommend that if you are a competitive player, naturally, you keep tabs on the official channels of Call of Duty modern warfare for all the recent updates and news.

And if you are facing any other issues related to the game, make sure to check out our troubleshooting guide for possible fixes and workarounds.