Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Spec Ops Operation Kuvalda Guide

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the second spec ops mission you will face is Operation Kuvalda. This comes after Operation Headhunter. It will continue the story of Headhunter and you will have to assault Almalik’s base of operations and mark his weapons for the airstrike.

There are a few objectives to tick in order to complete this mission. This is a relatively easy operation when compared to the previous one and you will have no big problem.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Spec Ops Operation Kuvalda

You have to access the data server and get the info on the location of three stockpiles and then call the airstrikes. Now you have to carefully select your loadout for the spec ops missions as they are harder than the regular and there must be a weapon for close and long-range and there should be versatility in it.

Use the overkill perk as well, that will help you a lot for sure. Your entire team can respawn at any time in the game as long as one player stays alive. So designate your roles for the mission beforehand.

Access the data server
Start going towards the marked location for the data servers right from the beginning. Try to remain on the right side of the base, right on the outskirts. You will have to take out the enemy at the tower, use a silenced weapon.

When you are 45 meters away from the server room, you will find a way to the room but be careful as there is a juggernaut near, but it is very slow. So what you can do is the first place the router inside so that data keeps transferring and then lure the juggernaut to the other side and keep running during the data transfer. Once the data server work is done you will get your next objective.

Search the manifest
At this point, the game will not explain anything about what you have to do next so you need to go to the closest barracks and search each computer for the right intel. The intel you need is named as ‘manifest’. When you find the right intel, a new objective will appear which will say “Mark the crates in the Barracks 0/3”.

Now for the next objective, you need to just go to the locations of stockpiles and mark them. Keep in mind that you have to stick together and work as a team otherwise you can easily get rundown by a rush of enemies.

Mark the Barracks, Warehouse, Storage
You need to get to each area and explore to find the crates with the code that matches what’s on the screen. These crates are scattered around each location. For the warehouse, these crates are all inside the area. For storage, these crates will be found at the ladders or nearby buildings.

But if you get a different spawn they might be outside stacked on top of one another. After finding all nine of those crates, an airstrike will commence. From here you need to go to the hanger to open the door and here you will get another objective named ‘Head to the control tower and open the hangar doors’. After doing so, just head inside and mark the missiles.

Mark the ballistic missiles
Now you will be able to pilot a tank. Just hop on and take out all the enemies on your way. Get one member of the team as respawn beacon, as there will be tanks to face and enemies coming from the sky. Take the right side as it is away from the enemies and you can take them out one by one.

After getting to the point you will enter the helicopter and the spec ops mission will end.