Call of Duty Modern Warfare Gunfight Mode Tips

Gunfight, the unique 2v2 mode in Call of Duty Modern Warfare requires a lot of work and this guide will help you win those matches

Now that Call of Duty Modern Warfare – Gunfight mode is releasing, there are a lot of things that you should know before you go down the lane. While it may seem simple, just rush your enemies and kill them but the map design and no respawn mechanics make this game mode really tactical. Below are useful tips to help you in Modern Warfare Gunfight mode and win matches with ease.

Modern Warfare Gunfight Tips

Gunfight is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated game modes in Modern Warfare, 2v2 intense action with no respawns and random weapons is sure to get your adrenaline flowing.

Different Classes
You should create different classes accordingly to the playstyle and the situations you go through in the game.

  • Rifle Class
  • Rushing Class
  • Sniper Class
  • CQB Class
  • Killstreak Class

These five classes will be very helpful to you for all kinds of situations whether dealing with your enemies up close or dealing with a whole area control. Having different playstyles is important as it confuses the opponents and they can’t catch up to your gameplay.

Since the game mode only provides you with a 2v2 mode, you only have one person to communicate with. Knowing about your partner and where is he dealing with the enemies at a particular moment can be helpful in the game. Telling them about your game might help them too.

This will save you and him from the risk of getting caught in an uncomfortable and dangerous situation if someone finds any. It would come in handy if you are stuck in a situation and they can provide you with tips over it and vice versa. You should not play solo when you have a player with you.

Some of you might know this but the game has got two different types of sprints. One sprint is the regular sprint that you do by pressing the control but if you press the button for sprinting for a little longer or double-tap it then you are able to walk faster. This is a very helpful tip as you can get to areas faster and deal with the enemies by going fast-paced to the situation of demand.

Mounting Mechanic
Mounting can be really helpful to stabilize your shots or to take any long-ranged shots in the game. You can mount your weapons in a standing up position or a crouching down position but keep in mind that it can be a little sneaky but mounting does not mean that you are completely hiding from the opponents. So even when you are mounting, beware of your surroundings as players can easily figure out where the shots are coming from.

Footstep noise
So the Gunfight mode is actually very loud and it is hard to make sense of almost anything but if you find yourself in a more calm situation where you are waiting for some commotion to happen then might as well wait for the enemy footsteps.

The sprinting noise of your opponents can be very helpful if you are paying attention to it as it prepares you for what you have to deal with in the coming moment.

Suitable Weapon
Before you choose one weapon as your main, make sure that you have tried enough weapons to decide which one you are comfortable with. Though it also depends on the situation you are stuck in, as each weapon is useful in particular situations. Try to use as many weapons as you can and after that, choose the one that you think works best for you.

Mute your Music
Your Audio clues are extremely helpful when you begin a new round. The music that plays in rounds can continue to the next round which may lead you to miss the audio clue that you get in the beginning.

In any new round, you listen for a gun sound or a footstep to make your next move, and if you miss it then you might not be able to stand for long in the new round. So go to the setting to mute the audio for music and even dialogues which will make the clues more audible for you.

Watch enemies cross
Always lookout for the opponents and the direction they are going in and have an idea of why they might be going in that direction. Here, the communication part plays a role.

If you are in touch with your partner then he might be able to provide you with information as well and you could do the same for him. This can be helpful as you can sneak up on your opponent and catch him off guard so you can take him out.

Capture the Flag
When you see the flag appearing in the middle of the map, make sure that you go for it, which is like overtime. You have to go and stand over it for approx. 3 to 5 second and it might lead you to win the round.

If the round starts to come down on that last ten seconds, you can play for positioning on that flag. All the players, who are going for that flag, take it very seriously and also fight for positioning on that flag.

Seek for low health enemies
Always keep an eye out for enemies who are leaning towards low health. These enemies are the easiest to kill regardless of whatever weapon you guys are carrying. They are just a hit or two away from being taken down.

You can use your big guns to wipe most of the health your opponents have got and now that they are low on health, just pick any weapon, a shotgun or even a pistol, to kill the enemy.

These are all the useful tips that are going to help you in understanding the basics of the game. The tips are so you can understand what things you are supposed to focus on, what stuff is going to benefit you and what is irrelevant. Just keep these tips in mind and after that, there will barely be anything that is going to confuse you in the game.