Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Challenges Guide

Our challenges guide will give you a run-down of all specific challenges and their rewards so you may prioritize them accordingly in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Challenges have become a regular part of most multiplayer games as they are a bridge to fast progression and unique rewards for the players. Modern Warfare has similar challenges that you will complete in order to unlock special weapons and gain a great deal of XP boost.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Challenges

Challenges are goals required for the player to complete; should they choose to do them. These must be completed in multiplayer sessions, with the game-mode varying from challenge to challenge. Some challenges are locked behind rank tiers, which will show up once you’ve reached a specific rank.

There are four challenges in Modern Warfare currently,

  • Daily Challenges – Given out daily.
  • Challenge Missions – Must be activated in Barracks before they are tracked. They give unique rewards.
  • Camo Challenges – Once you unlock the base camo of a weapon, you may do these challenges for extra XP and more camos.
  • Officer Rank Challenges – After reaching officer rank, you can do these challenges for XP and seasonal ribbons.

Daily Challenges

Daily Challenges change every day and reward mostly XP. They are easy and can pretty much be completed in a good single session, or two at most. After a day, regardless of completion, your challenges will change.

Challenge Missions

In order to get these tasks, go to the Barracks to activate them so you can start tracking them. If you do not go to the Barracks, no progress will be added to any of the challenges.

Multi-step challenges provide you with different objectives. Completing these will yield a lot of XP and you might get a special reward upon completing these. These challenges will sometimes restrict you to certain game-modes and a specific type of weapon.


Challenge missions will change with respect to the current season. Make sure you finish up on all objectives before the season changes. If in the midst of it all, your friends feel like changing game-modes, you can very easily swap out to a different challenge mission without losing any progress on the previous one.

Camo Challenges

To do the Camo Challenges you will need to have unlocked the base camo of weapons before-hand. Level up your weapons first. Doing camo challenges can be rewarding as you will level up each weapon while doing these, unlocking various attachments for yourself. Upon completion, these challenges reward you with XP and a new camo for your weapon.

Officer Challenges

The pre-requisite to these challenges is that you need to reach Rank 55 in Enlisted Ranks. Completing these challenges award XP, a new challenge and ribbons which can be used to enhance your emblems.

Collecting 10 ribbons converts it into a season emblem which will upgrade with every 10 ribbons until it turns into an Animated Emblem. Max ribbons that can be obtained are 100 by which you will max out your officer rank.

At the first officer rank, you will receive a Cosmetic Weapon Blueprint as well as at the final officer rank. Flaunt your dedication, emblems and guns by completing these challenges.

Modern Warfare’s challenges should keep you engaged in the game with the diverse rewards. Completing them is a good idea for faster levelling and unlocking interesting weapons to annihilate your enemies with.

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