Call of Duty Modern Warfare Level Up Fast Tips

Our XP guide will help you level up fast in Call of Duty Modern Warfare so you stay ahead of the curve with higher level equipment

Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s beta has given us a solid overview of what the gameplay will be like until the eagerly awaited full release. You will want to Level up fast in order to access higher-level weapons in Call of Duty Modern Warfare.  You can only do this if you take steps to efficiently move through the ranks. We’ve prepared a few handy tips so that you know how to level up fast in Modern Warfare.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Fast Level Up

You need to play more to earn more XP in Modern Warfare. This includes selecting the correct game modes, play styles, and weapons.  More or less, you need to do whatever you can to finish objectives quickly and efficiently. Play to do as much damage as you can. Testing your survival during Multiplayer mode is a good away to do this.

Leveling up to rank 4 unlocks the Create-A Class.  You can then mix and match with the weapons you have to create a loadout that suits you best. Make sure that the class you make is efficient for completing objectives.

Weapons and Perks
You get access to certain weapons and perks as you level up. These perks offer you unique benefits.  Shrapnel boosts your firepower and you have a chance for more XP with the Bounty Hunter perk.

Finish the Campaign
It takes approximately six hours to get through Modern Warfare’s amazing campaign but it is definitely worth it since you’ll rank up along your adventure.  You get to level up your weapons, unlock new things, go up the ladder of multiplayer rankings, and even unlock operator skins.

This method doesn’t launch you to max level right away, but it ensures that you progress at a good pace and get used to the overall feel of the game. So needless to say, it gives you an edge over newbies when you head to Multiplayer mode


Use Mounted Weapons
This is a great way to score a lot of frequent kills while being shielded. You’re at an advantage where you can pick off anyone who is not in cover and earn XP every few seconds.

2XP Boosters
These are limited in quantity but once you earn one and activate it, you can use it to gain more XP than usual for its entire time slot. These can be earned by completing challenges

Finish Objectives
20 Player Domination is a great example. This requires you to capture objectives and then guard them from other players. You respawn quickly and have a bunch of players for target practice so you’ll be shooting more frequently than usual. You’ll earn a lot of XP this way.

End Killstreaks
If you have the Bounty Hunter perk equipped and destroying someone’s Killstreak then you’ll earn a lot of XP. Shooting down UAVs is also gonna earn you some cred so target them especially.

Go For Daily Challenges
You should keep an eye out for daily challenges and missions since they’re a great source of XP.  Everyday a new challenge pops up that requires you to follow certain objectives and they’re pretty short so they won’t take up too much of your time. Attempt these whenever you can to get yourself ahead of the curve

Just keep these tips in mind while you kill and finish objectives and you’ll earn more XP. The finished version will have even more content than the Beta so you can find new ways to do things in that too.