Call of Duty Ghosts Weapons and Attachments Guide – How To Unlock

Call of Duty Ghosts
This is survival of the fittest.

The most anticipated title of this year is finally up for grab. It’s been a days since people quit playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and switched to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3; only to adapt to CODs made by Infinity Ward.

People all around the world are gearing up to finally get the taste of the latest installment.

The servers are expected to go live soon, and this is high-time you should know everything you need about the weapons and attachments that the game has to offer.

With over 30 weapons to choose from, Call of Duty: Ghosts has brought in different changes and features that redefine its multiplayer experience.

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Call of Duty Ghosts Weapons and Attachments

Personally, I think, when it comes to Weapons their Iron Sights; Infinity Ward is the winner, hands-down! A noticeable change that has occurred to Weapons is that some of them come with built-in attachments such as LASER Sight, Red-dot Sight, Silencer, etc.

All Semi-Automatic Assault Rifles are now eradicated from the Assault Rifle and placed in all new Weapon Class called Marksman.

In this guide, I will be covering all the aspects of Weapons of each class along with their Attachments and how you could unlock them! So without further ado, let’s get to it!

Assault Rifles

Assault Rifles has always been the choice of many Call of Duty players out there! Especially those who intend on playing the Objective and stay on target. The high damage output along with a solid range and manageable recoil is what defines Assault Rifles.

Following are the different Assault Rifles featured in Call of Duty Ghosts:

How to unlock: 9 Squad Points

If you read the in-game description of the game, it says something like integrated Silencer for overall versatility but reduced range. Since there is an in-game Silencer equipped on this weapon, there is both good and bad side of this.

Although you won’t have to use an extra Attachment for a Silencer but you will not be able to un-equip it either.

Having an integrated Silencer does help in some game modes like Search and Rescue where you need to be quite. However, in game modes like Cranked and Free-for-All, you don’t need it since you would want a good range to take out enemies from a distance.

Other than that, this weapon has a decent damage and recoil and does feel good but there certainly are better Assault Rifles out there.

This is personally one of my absolute favorite Assault Rifles in the game and is definitely a lot better than Honeybadger.

The weapon can easily be considered as the ACR of Call of Duty: Ghosts as it does not have that much of damage but the recoil on it is so minimum that you don’t need much of an effort to stay on target.

People who have been complaining about shortage of ACR type weapon in Black Ops II, this is for you.

How to unlock: 6 Squad Points

The in-game description of this weapon reads something like high rate of fire with medium recoil. If you have played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 then you must know this weapon. Although it wasn’t used much like ACR 6.8 or Scar-L, it was a decent weapon, nonetheless.

There is nothing special about this weapon but it does have that nostalgic appeal. Other than that, it’s just a regular Assault Rifle.

How to unlock: 7 Squad Points

Fans of AK weapons will like this and it certainly is a decent Assault Rifle. It can be quite deadly up close to medium range but unlike SC-2010, you can’t expect to kill people across the map with pin-point accuracy.

How to unlock: 6 Squad Points

The in-game description of the game describes it as a modern-tech weapon which is strong and versatile. This Assault Rifle somewhat feels like SC2010 with a little less rate of fire and mobility.

How to unlock: 8 Squad Points

I have seem a few gameplays with this weapon and it certainly feels like an OP weapon. It can be a variant of M16 from Modern Warfare but the people who have already played the game consider it the best. So, you can expect a lot of people using this 3-burst Assault Rifle.

How to unlock: 10 Squad Points

ARX-160 first appeared in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Mobilized which was for Nintendo DS. This Assault Rifle has the fastest rate of fire in the game and is designed for those who like to run-and-weapon spraying people.

Weapon is built-in equipped with a LASER attachment to improve the firing from the hip. The weapon also has a reduced recoil for the first three rounds of each burst.

Remington R5
How to unlock: 7 Squad Points

R5 can easily give SC2010 SA-805 a run for their money. This weapon has improved damage and range. The only drawbacks are less rate of fire and mobility and you should expect a lot SMG slayers taking you down at close to medium range.

Sub-machine weapons

Sub-machine weapons have always had a soft spot in the hearts of slayers and professional Call of Duty players. These weapons provide high mobility rate and are designed to flank the enemy or capture the Objectives quicker.

The firing from the hip is amazing on these weapons. However, these should strictly be used from short to medium-short range as you will get destroyed at medium-long to a long range by Assault Rifles and Marksmen Rifles.

How to unlock: 9 Squad Points

This is for the very first time that we will be seeing MTAR as an SMG weapon as it’s always been an Assault Rifle in the past. This weapon has a pretty decent damage with moderate recoil and solid range for a Sub-machine weapon.

It is a decent mid-ranged weapon but you certainly cannot consider it to be the best.

Vector CRB
The key highlights of Vector CRB are high damage output along with high penetration factor. I have not been excited for a weapon like this! I mean, Vector has always been one of the weakest Sub-machine weapons in the game with high rate of fire but low damage output.

As for the recoil on this baby, it is not that much and is vertical. You can expect to take a lot headshots if you could manage the recoil.

How to unlock: 8 Squad Points

This can be considered as the Honeybadger’s variant in Sub-machine weapon class as it has integrated Silencer to keep you off the radar. And like I have said for Honeybadger, there are both good and bad aspects of this integrated Silencer.

Being a SMG and that too, with an integrated Silencer affects its range a little too much and you can’t expect to win easy weapon fights at medium range.

How to unlock: 6 Squad Points

When I first played the game and picked it up from a fallen soldier, I took it as MP7 because the weapon somewhat looks and feels like it. Although it is not as powerful as MP7 was in Modern Warfare 3 but it is a decent weapon nonetheless.

CBJ-MS has the highest rate of fire in the Sub-machine weapons category and the Armor Piercing Tungsten Rounds make it really useful against enemy Killstreaks such as a Quadron and Helicopter.

Veterans from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will instantly fall in love with Bizon if they are PP90M1 fans. Bizon not only looks and feels like PP90M1 from Modern Warfare 3 but also has similar reload animations and all!

This weapon has a pretty decent rate of fire and the recoil is manageable. I have used it in a few matches until now and I must admit that the hip firing on this weapon on this weapon is absolutely insane. It should easily make it to top three SMGs in the game.

How to unlock: 8 Squad Points

Prior to release of the game, Vepr was the only weapon in Sub-machine weapon category that I was looking forward to most; and it has delivered what I wanted; a large ammo capacity with a pretty solid range but the damage output is a bit weak.

It somewhat looks like a Sub-machine weapon variant of AK-47 and essentially feels the same.

LMGs are known for their large magazine size in addition to high penetration damage. But these features come with certain drawbacks such as less mobility and prolonged reload times. Along with this, the ADS time and hip-fire spread is not good either.

LMGs can be used to hold off an objective or spawn-trap enemies in a location without worrying about reloading too much. These can also take out Killstreaks with relative east.

How to unlock: 7 Squad Points

The in-game description of this weapon reads, Fully Automatic. Moderate recoil and rate of fire with consistent damage over range. Now, I’m not the biggest fan of LMGs but they are certainly fun to use from time to time and this weapon just didn’t feel right to me.

I don’t know whether to blame the moderate rate of fire or recoil but it fails on being a killing machine. At least in my hands.

How to unlock: 6 Squad Points

Ameli has the slowest rate of fire in the whole LMGs category but with most least recoil. This weapon has a strong damage output and is pretty decent overall.

How to unlock: 8 Squad Points

Another weapon that is making a comeback in Call of Duty: Ghosts is LSAT. We all pretty much know everything about LSAT. This weapon has been there forever in almost every First-Person Shooter title and have been pretty strong. The in-game description of the game describes this weapon equipped with recoil compensation which work really well in a match as the weapon is fairly accurate.

Chain SAW
How to unlock: 9 Squad Points

If there is one weapon that I was anticipating the most in Call of Duty: Ghosts, it is Chain SAW. Now, if you closely look at the weapon, you will notice that there is not stock for handling and aiming down the sights.

All you have is a large handle which you can grab up to like Terminator and hunt people down with hip firing. Yes, this weapon is hip fire only and is equipped with built-in LASER Sight to improve your accuracy.

The damage output is certainly not the best in its category but the feel of spraying down people inside a building is too amazing!


All the semi-automatic Assault Rifles are now placed in this all-new category featured in Ghosts, called Marksman. Marksman Rifles works something in-between a Sniper Rifle and an Assault Rifle. These weapons are equipped with built-in scopes, which can be replaced by Iron Sights.

Marksman Rifles are defined by having a very strong damage output, solid range, and amazing accuracy.

How to unlock: 8 Squad Points

The in-game description of this weapon describes this weapon as single-shot, strong and versatile overall. If you have played Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare then you may find it somewhat similar to M14. It is extremely powerful weapon and takes only two shots from any range.

However, in close quarters, you need to make sure to hit your target first; otherwise, it would be impossible for you to win the weapon fights.

How to unlock: 7 Squad Points

MK14 EBR has the most damage per round in the whole Marksman category but with a moderate recoil. It takes one shot to head from any range and it handles almost like a Sniper Rifle.

How to unlock: 6 Squad Points

This weapon has the highest rate of fire in its class with less recoil and range. Unlike other Marksman Rifle, it works somewhat like FAL and SMR which take 3-4 shots to kill but are super accurate. And out of all the Marksman Rifles in the game, this can easily be considered as the closest to Assault Rifle category.

SVU Dragonuv
How to unlock: 9 Squad Points

We have seen a lot Dragonuv weapons in the past but all of them belonged to Sniper Rifles which didn’t work really well and all those hit markers were frustrating. It is good to see it being transferred to a new category because it doesn’t feel like a Sniper Rifle to me.

Sniper Rifles

Sniper Rifles are designed for insane long-ranged battles. These weapons take one shot to kill the enemy from any range, most of the time and are not suitable for running and gunning. The hip fire on these weapons is totally random, and you cannot expect to hit the target accurately.

How to unlock: 7 Squad Points

I have had a number of games with this Sniper Rifle and I must say this weapon is a one shot killing machine anywhere on the body. I don’t think I had any hit markers with this weapon from any range.

The in-game description of the weapon describes this weapon as a bolt-action Sniper Rifle with Recoil Compensator which reduces the recoil with each successive kill which is pretty insane.

How to unlock: 6 Squad Points

USR is almost identical to L115. If you check the in-game description of both of these weapons, you will notice that they are pretty much identical. It is also a bolt-action Sniper Rifle which guarantees one-shot kill from waist up and is equipped with Recoil Compensation technology.

How to unlock: 8 Squad Points

I haven’t unlocked this weapon as of now so I really don’t have much of an idea about this weapon. All I know is that it has a lower mobility rate with being deadly from knee up to center mass.

How to unlock: 9 Squad Points

We have one Assault Rifle with integrated Silencer and one SMG as of now. And VKS adds a Sniper Rifle to that category. Yes, VKS is equipped with a built-in Silencer. Along with this, it has the highest rate of fire and ammo capacity in its class.


Shotguns have always been ideal on close-range engagements. These weapons are able to out-perform any weapon in close-range combat, and you don’t even need to aim down the sights as hip firing works like a charm on these beasts.

How to unlock: 8 Squad Points

This shotgun works and feels exactly like an old-school revolver with cylindrical shots. The range is pretty decent but isn’t comparable to what we could achieve with KSG in Black Ops 2.

It is a double-action shotgun with strong damage output; though, I do encounter some hit markers with it. The only drawback is the sluggish reload time as you empty all your shells and then add them one by one.

How to unlock: 6 Squad Points

This is an ultra light semi-automatic shotgun with a little less damage then the MTS-255. However, the reload time is pretty decent and you go on running and gunning in close quarters.

How to unlock: 7 Squad Points

This shotgun can easily be considered as the strongest shotgun of Call of Duty: Ghosts. This shotgun has a pretty decent range but the main highlight of this weapon is the damage output. If you are not off target, this weapon can easily beat most of the SMGs at close range with a single shot.

How to unlock: 9 Squad Points

This shotgun comes with a Smart Choke which lets you have tight spread of the pellets when you are aiming down the sights; making it pretty accurate and it feels like firing a slug like in KSG from Black Ops 2.

Other than that, it has the largest ammo capacity in its class so you can run and weapon without worrying about reloading too often.

Weapon Attachments

Weapon Attachments have always been there since the early Call of Duty games. Ghosts also features a large arsenal of these Weapon Attachments – both old and new. These Attachments somewhat change the way a particular weapon can be used under different circumstances.

Some of these Weapon Attachments are exclusive to particular class of weapons while some are available for all classes. And like the weapons, these need to unlocked using Squad Points. Choose them wisely!

The Weapon Attachments are divided into different categories like Sight Attachments, Barrel Attachments, Under Barrel Attachments, etc.

You can have a maximum of two Weapon Attachments on a single gun by default. However, if you take the Extra Attachment Perk, the number of Attachments that you can take increases to three.


Red Dot Sight
Red Dot Sights are not to Call of Duty players only but every FPS fan knows about them. These are precision reflex sights which some people find better than the Iron Sights. It gives a clear field of view to players and hence increases the overall range and accuracy of the weapon.

Holographic Sight
Holographic Sights are also known as ED Tech Sights and serve the same purpose as a Red Dot Sight. These also increase the overall range and accuracy of your weapon but by a large margin than Red Dot Sights. The in-game description of these describe them as being equipped with damage falloff readout display.

ACOG Scope
ACOG is another Sight Attachment which works differently when equipped on different weapons. It provides a more enhanced zooming in than Red Dot Sight and Holographic Sight.

When equipped with an Assault Rifle, Sub-machine Gun or Marksman Rifle, it certainly increases you overall Accuracy and Range but equip it on a Sniper Rifle and you will see noticeable decrease in your Range and Accuracy. It will, however, allow you to move faster than with a regular scope on your Sniper.

Thermal Scope
Thermal Scope is an Attachment only available for Sniper Rifles and should not be confused with Thermal Hybrid Sights.

Thermal Scope has also been in the Call of Duty series for a long time and it allows you to detect the enemy heat signatures along with increases your Range and Accuracy by a minute bit.

It allows you to distinguish enemies from the environment by displaying the enemies as Yellow targets in all green environment. However, there are certain perks which will let you get immune from this scope.

Variable Zoom Lens
This is another Sight Attachment which is only exclusive to Sniper Rifles. Increasing your Range and Accuracy by a little bit, it will allow you to switch your Sniper Rifles between three different zoom levels by pressing down the Right Stick on consoles.

Iron Sight
Iron Sights are only available for Marksman Rifles and allow you to have a regular Iron Sight instead of built-in Sights on these guns. It reduces the Accuracy by tiny weeny bit but you will get a considerable difference in the Mobility and will be able to take out enemies much more quickly.

Thermal Hybrid Scope
This thing is entirely different from Thermal Scope on Sniper Rifles. Although it does allow you to detect enemy heat signatures; just like the Thermal Scope but along with this, you will also be able to switch to an integrated ED Tech Sight by pressing the right stick on consoles.

Tracker Sight
This thing works exactly in the same manner as a Target Finder in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Equip this Attachment and you will see your enemies as highlighted. You can also switch to your regular Iron Sight by simply pressing RS while aiming down the Sight.

VMR Sight
VMR Sight is a new addition to Call of Duty: Ghosts. This Weapon Attachment basically lets you have a Sight with 4x zoom which can be changed to a normal zoom by pressing RS on consoles while aiming down the sight. It not only increases your Accuracy and Range but also your Damage.


Silencer is one Attachment which doesn’t need any introduction.

It can be seen as a Weapon Attachment in different FPS titles. What this does is that it will suppress your weapon allowing you to stay invisible on the mini-map. It also removes the Muzzle Flash of your weapon which can reduce the visibility.

However, it does reduce the effective range of your weapon especially on Sub-machine Guns. The in-game description also says that it allows you to have better Accuracy.

Muzzle Brake
This can be considered as the Long Barrel Attachment from Black Ops II. Muzzle Brake allows you to increase the damage of your gun; especially in long-ranged engagements. And speaking of Range, it also increases your weapon’s overall Range by a considerable level.

Chrome Lined
Chrome Lined is another Attachment exclusive to Sniper Rifles and is first time featured in Call of Duty: Ghosts. Chrome Lined Attachment basically allows you to have much more damage but with increased recoil.

Flash Suppressor
Flash Suppressor has not been seen in any Call of Duty game until now. This Attachment lets you reduce your weapon’s Muzzle Flash for more precise aiming. It however, doesn’t suppress your weapon sound or make you invisible on the radar.

Under Barrel

Any Call of Duty player will be familiar with Foregrip or simply Grip. This Attachment lets you reduce the vertical recoil on your weapon and makes it much more manageable. This however, doesn’t affect the the Hip-Firing Accuracy and is only applicable during aiming down the sights.

This Attachment is only available to use for Light Machine Guns and Assault Rifles. This lets you have a shotgun under your primary weapon which can be shot by pressing RB/R1 on consoles.

However, having this Attachment will not let you have a lethal grenade. You can only choose only one of these.

Grenade Launcher
Just like the mounted shotgun, Grenade Launcher is also placed under the Barrel which can only be equipped on Assault Rifles and LMGs. And like mounted shotgun, it can be fired by pressing RB/R1 on consoles.


Slug Rounds
This Mod is only available for Shotguns. What this does is that it replaces the ammo pallets in your Shotgun with Slug Rounds for increased Damage, Accuracy, and Range.

To get an idea of what a Slug Round is; you can see the way KSG fires in Black Ops II.

Extra Mags
Just like the the name suggests, it lets you have 50% more ammo than the regular amount.

Armor-Piercing lets you have high penetration rounds which not only increases the effective damage of your weapon but also makes your weapon work really well for taking out enemy Killstreaks.

Rapid Fire
Rapid Fire increases the rate of fire of your weapon but it also reduces the effective Accuracy by a considerable amount.

Semi Automatic/Burst Fire
These are two Attachments which can be considered as the two sub-categories of Select Fire from Black Ops II. These Attachment lets you switch between Burst Fire and Fully Automatic or between Semi Automatic and Fully Automatic.

Although, it does affect your weapon’s rate of fire but increases the effective Damage and Accuracy by reducing the recoil.

Riot Shield Attachments

We have seen Scrambler in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 with which you could scramble enemy radar based on its proximity. And this is what this Attachment does in Ghosts.

Titanium Frame
Using this Attachment, you will be able to replace your regular Riot Shield with a much lighter one for faster melee attacks.

The final Attachment for Riot Shield lets you have a Portable Radar on it all the time which will display the enemies on your mini-map within its range.

I have tried to cover all the primary weapons that Call of Duty: Ghosts has to offer. Do let us know if you found anything missing in the Comment Section below!

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