Call of Duty: Ghosts – How to Unlock Weapon Camos and Patches

Call of Duty: Ghosts offers you a number of ways in which you can customize and pimp out the appearance of your soldier, from patches to suits to weapon camos. Almost all of these are unlocked by completing certain challenges that you can find in the Operations menu.

In this guide I will show you how you can unlock the many different Patches and Weapon Camos there are in the game. I will also be giving a detailed list on what the criteria is for the unlocking of each and every Weapon skin.

Head over to the operations menu and you should see five categories of operations, as well as one challenge that is active for that operation.

Heading inside each of the operations will let you look at all ten of them for that category, and you can set one of them as the active challenge (i.e the challenge that will get its progress saved when you reset the challenges).

The thing is that the challenges have a times set on them. The list will automatically refresh with new challenges every two weeks.

However, if you don’t find the challenge that you need to complete for a particular reward, you can spend a squad point to refresh the list immediately. Do so until you get the correct challenge and then complete it.


Remember to set the challenge that you don’t want to disappear as the active challenge before resetting.

Also, don’t forget that the rewards for completing a challenge are permanently unlocked, this means that if a challenge you’ve already completed disappears after a refresh, you’ll still have the reward unlocked from it.

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As for Weapon Camos, they’re unlocked by completing the following challenges:

Snow Camo
Obtain 75 kills on a particular weapon.

Brush Camo
Obtain 150 kills while crouching with a particular weapon.

Autumn Camo
How to Get. Obtain 35 Assists with a particular weapon.

Ocean Camo
Obtain 20 kills on enemies that are shooting at your allies with a particular weapon.

Red Camo
How to Get. Obtain 150 kills without any weapon attachments for a particular weapon.

Caustic Camo
Obtain 25 3-kill streaks with a particular weapon.

Scale Camo
Obtain 100 leaning kills with a particular weapon.

Crocodile Camo
Obtain 40 longshot kills with a particular weapon.

Green Camo
Obtain 40 point-black kills with a particular weapon.

Net Camo
Obtain 500 kills with a particular weapon.

Trail Camo
Obtain 35 kills shortly after reloading with a particular weapon.

Woodland Camo
Obtain 15 kills right after sliding with a particular weapon.

Gold Camo
HUnlock all twelve of the above camos.

Body Count Camo
Win a gold division clan war.

Kiss of Death Camo
Reach level 23 with your Call of Duty Elite clan.

Ice Camo
Exclusive to CoD: Ghosts season pass holders.

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