Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Best Settings Guide

In this detailed guide, we go over all the options in the settings menu of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and tell you the best settings to pick.

In this Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Best Settings detailed guide, we go over all the options in the settings menu of CoD Cold War and what should be the best settings in Multiplayer (MP) matches so that you have the best frames, best graphics and the most optimized gaming experience.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Best Settings

It is an unwritten rule in all first-person shooters to fully understand and optimize the control, audio, and video settings to fully optimize your plays.

Best Graphics Settings

In the settings menu, most of us would first go to the graphics settings after the first installation of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

So, in the graphics panel of the settings menu, let’s go over the many options one by one.

First, is Fullscreen which should stay as it is. After that is refresh rate, which should be the maximum your monitor can handle

Now the next things are gameplay V-sync and menu V-sync.

We recommend you to keep them both off for the best experience unless your PC is beefy enough to handle it or you have a G-sync monitor.

The next option is Render Resolution, which should remain at 100.

Resolution should be the maximum your monitor (and GPU) can handle and the aspect ratio should remain automatic. Next is colorblind, which is basically a utility setting.

Now an essential setting for CoD Blops Cold War to tweak is the field of view (FOV). Now, this depends on your PC’s performance and monitor.

In the case of the field of view, more is better (Up to what you find comfortable). But your FPS will take a hit as you increase the field of view.

100 field of view is the best option for mid to high-end PCs and enough for you to experience the best. But if you do have a crazy high-end PC, go for the max out setting.

Then there is the ADS field of view. You should keep it to Independent as it will not be bound by your field of view settings and no matter how high you keep your FOV settings, your ADS will remain independent and you will get closer to your target while in ADS, which will be highly helpful.

Brightness is wherever you want it to be and keep the framerates limit to unlimited.

Next is the details and textures section. You can choose the highest settings of each graphic setting as long as your PC can support it and you aren’t sacrificing framerate.

Keep it in the medium and low range to maximize your FPS output to create an obvious advantage over your opponents. Similar tactics go to the shadow and light settings as well.

We recommend that you disable all the shadows as it will just make your PC render less and give you more FPS.

Keep Nvidia low latency mode enabled on normal and Anti-Aliasing at the highest settings.

Make sure to have the motion blur off as it will just blur your motion and you will have a hard time seeing enemies.

Keep subsurface scattering enabled and keep independent transparency disabled.

There are not many settings related to the game in the advanced menu, so keep that as it is.

Best Audio Settings

Next are the audio settings of CoD Cold War. Here, you will see the first option of mute sound, which should be not muted, of course.

Next is master volume; keep that on max. Your music volume should be at default.

Keep sound effects to maximum as it will have the most significant influence on your gameplay.

Sound effects will let you know enemy footsteps or if somebody is hiding somewhere and they make a noise or any kind of sound effect in the game. So, make sure it is maxed out.

Keep the dialogue at low. Cinematics will be the volume of cutscenes, which does not really matter, so it’s your choice.

In the audio presets, all are fine, but a high boost and bass boost are what we will recommend.

Hit markers sound is your personal preference, give it a try in the game and you will have a better idea.

Next is your voice chat settings, which is totally a personal preference thing.

Best Interface Settings

First is the subtitles settings, which again depends on personal preference. Next is everything that will be shown on your screen.

It is all again preference related stuff, but make sure to check every setting out and give it a go in game to get a better idea as having useful information always on the screen is crucial.

In the telemetry settings of Black Ops Cold War, we recommend that everything except FPS remains hidden as they will just be creating an unnecessary distraction, but it can be your choice and will not affect the game in general.

Best Controller Layouts

If you are a controller player, then these settings are for you. Or you can jump to the keyboard and mouse settings further ahead.

First is horizontal and vertical stick sensitivity, and keep it at 8. It works for us really well, but check it in a private match before you head out for the actual match.

ADS stick sensitivity at low zoom should be 0.90 and at high zoom should be 1.10.

Button layout should be Bumper Jumper tactical. The flip setting should be at flipped, which will let you jump with L2, shoot with L1 and R1, so you have an easy jump shot.

Invert vertical look should be disabled, controller vibration should be disabled. Everything else down the settings line may remain default as the main settings were all we have discussed above.

Best Keyboard/Mouse Keybinds in Cold War

For the keyboard/mouse players, you will start the settings with mouse settings up top.

Now, if you keep the mouse DPI settings at 450 then a mouse sensitivity of 7.5 will work best for you.

You can adjust it from there if you want to make your preferable minor tweaks.

Next is vehicle mouse sensitivity that should remain at 1, inverted mouse is your personal choice.

In ADS mouse sensitivity, keep both low and high zoom sensitivities at 1 and ADS sensitivity transition timing should be gradual.

Vertical mouse sensitivity should also be at 1 and ADS mouse sensitivity mode should be relative.

Keep monitor distance coefficient at 1.33. Keep mouse acceleration and mouse filtering at 0 and mouse smoothing should also be disabled.

Other than these settings is the gameplay tab, which is all your personal keybinds and uses.

We recommend that you try things out in a private match and find settings that work best for you.

This is all from our COD Blops Cold War best game settings and optimization.