Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Best Perks Guide

In this Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Best Perks guide, we will go through all the perks in...

In this Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Best Perks guide, we will go through all the perks in each category, what they do and, in the end, we’ll also go over the best ones.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Best Perks

Perks are basically modifiers that will enhance the way you play and make your life easier.

In CoD Black Ops Cold War, you are offered to select between three different categories of Perks to make your own unique classes.

Perk Slot 1

Engineer: You’ll be able to detect enemy technical equipment and scorestreaks through walls. Other than that, on minimap, you’ll be able to see enemy scorestreaks. Go ahead and re-roll your care packages.

Tactical Mask: With this mask, you’ll be able to save yourself from flashbangs and stun grenades. Basically, this mask gets you immune to gas.

Flak Jacket: This will reduce the damage you may end up taking from enemy explosives and Molotov fires.

Paranoia: You will be able to hear an alert whenever an enemy aims at you. Also, you will see that your vision pulses if the enemy is outside of your view.

Forward Intel: On your minimap, you’ll be able to see enemies’ reinforcements on your minimap.

Slot 2

Scavenger: When players die, you’ll be able to replenish ammo from them.

Quartermaster: With this, you can recharge the equipment over 25 seconds.

Tracker: Enemy footsteps shall be visible on the map. Go ahead and aim at the enemies to reveal them on the minimap.

Assassin: If they are on a Killstreak, enemies showing on the minimap while firing or exposed by a Spy Plane will have a crosshair symbol instead of a red marker. Receive additional points to take them down.

Gear Head: There will be a reduction in Filed Upgrade cool down. And you’ll be able to store up to two Field Upgrade charges.

Slot 3

Cold Blooded: You will not be hit by the AI-controlled scorestreaks and as far as the player controlled scorestreaks are concerned, they’ll not be able to highlight you. Also, the players in the vehicles won’t be able to see your nameplate.

Ghost: Enemy Spy Planes will lose the power of detecting you while you are moving, planting, defusing bombs or controlling scorestreaks.

Ninja: With this, you will have the power to sprint more quietly. While you’re sprinting, you’ll be able to resist to Field Medic.

Gung-Ho: While you’re sprinting, you’ll be able to fire your weapon and also use equipment. Get to have your speed at max when reloading. The damage that you get when you fall gets reduce and you will be able to switch weapons quicker. During the slide, you will be able to fire accurately.

Spy-craft: This gives you immunity against Counter Spy Plane, Jammer, Tracker, and Paranoia. The tendency of triggering Proximity Mines or Gas Mines also goes down. Hack enemy Field Upgrades. You can place booby traps on enemy Care Packages.

Best Perks

Flak Jacket
If the aim of you playing the games is to go for objectives, capturing flags, and looking to defend hardpoints, lethal equipment are going to get you into a lot of trouble.

This leaves you vulnerable to grenades and missiles in particular.

To fight this you will be able to withstand a strike from a grenade or missile by Flak Jacket, allowing you to continue defending the point.

Tactical Mask
Tactical Mask is the best Perk for you, whether you are a player who likes to sprint across the map and rush opponents.

You’ll be frozen in the tracks by being hit by a Flashbang or in fact, a Stun Grenade and left defenceless.

The Tactical Mask maximises the resistance to Flashbangs and Stun Grenades, while still immunizing you from Gas Explosives.

You’ll start to find the ammunition depleting while racking up a high killstreak.

This places you in an uncomfortable situation where you have to pick up a fallen arm from the ground or move to your secondary position.

There are also several resupply stations across the map, new to the Cold War, but they are mostly looked at.

You can build your weapon exactly as you like it with the return of the Gunsmith machine, and another weapon can not fit your playstyle.

With the Scavenger Perk fitted, the ammunition can be refilled by running over a dead corpse.

You can hang onto your own arms as you drive across the map, secure in the fact that you won’t run out of ammunition.

In the Black Ops Cold War, lethal and military equipment is particularly powerful. If you rush, clearing a space with a well-thrown Stun Grenade gives you a big advantage.

The thing is that you only get one use per life, so you’ll find yourself in cases where another piece of equipment is needed when you’re racking up a high killstreak.

The Quartermaster Perk requires over 25 seconds for your equipment to refresh.

Throw a grenade and 25 seconds later, there’s another one for you. What to use your tools, be strategic, and you’ll find a lot of use of this Perk.

Almost every player can gain a low-end scorestreak over the duration of the game with the latest Scorestreak system.

The Spy Plane is one of the most regular scorestreaks you can see calling in.

Both enemy players will be disclosed on the minimap when this is called in. This makes it extremely hard to pull off flanks or protect spots.

With Ghost mounted, you would not appear on enemy minimaps when driving, running a scorestreak, or using a bomb.

If you are more of a run-and-gun kind for you, Ninja is the Perk.

Treyarch has worked hard on Cold War audio upgrades, ensuring it is easier to track footstep audio.

It’s quick to pinpoint the direction an attacker is approaching from by their footsteps while wearing headphones. This is making it more difficult to hurry.

Ninja calms your footsteps while sprinting without fully silencing your movement, masks you from Field Mics, and reduces your in-game callouts from the Operators

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