Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Maka Rah Shrine Guide

Maka Rah shrine in Zelda Breath of the Wild is easy to solve but finding it is the real challenge which is why we are here...

Maka Rah Shrine is among the shrines that are really difficult to find but much easier to solve. Finding the entrance to Maka Rah Shrine is a quest in itself though Zelda: Breath of the Wild refuses to acknowledge that. As a part of the base shrines from the vanilla version of the game, the reward for completing Maka Rah Shrine in Zelda BOTW is a spirit orb in addition to some good loot from treasure chests.

A necessary prep to attempt the Zelda: Breath of the Wild Maka Rah shrine is bomb arrows. You can try with simple bombs too but it will make your journey a lot harder than it actually is.

How to find Maka Rah shrine

Maka Rah Shrine is located Northwest of Rito Village, in southern Hebra. The exact location of Maka Rah Shrine in Zelda BOTW is inside a cave on the North Shore of Lake Kilsie.

breath of the wild maka rah shrine location

Maka Rah Shrine is visible through a crack in the rock but you can’t reach it by climbing the cliff as the entrance to this cave is hidden.

To enter Maka Rah Shrine, destroy some rocks with bomb arrows to the left of the crack. This will allow an updraft to release from the ground. Ride this updraft using your glider and go to its southeast to destroy another set of rocks.

Use the second updraft to move Northwest and destroy the bomb-able rocks on a small shore. Use the newly released updraft to move to the center of Lake Kilsie and find an island with another set of breakable rocks. Releasing this updraft will throw you a lot higher in the air towards the entrance of the cave housing Maka Rah Shrine.

The entrance to the cave is just below the ledge of a cliff and is marked by 4 glowing lanterns. Glide to it and make your way downwards by diving into a small pool at the end of the entrance. Keep going forward and you will reach the shrine in the rock, the Maka Rah Shrine. Beware of Frost ChuChus near the shrine’s entrance. Use your Sheikah Slate to activate the lift.

How to solve Zelda: Breath of the Wild Maka Rah Shrine

As soon as you enter the Maka Rah shrine, you will be presented with a trial called “Steady Thy Heart” by Monk Maka Rah. The entrance to the second room will be locked. To open this gate, you need to light a torch to the left of the door.

Either use any fire weapon or take out your simple arrows. Use the lit torch on the right to ignite the arrows and light the torch to the right with them to solve this puzzle.

The second room inside the Maka Rah shrine in Zelda Breath of the Wild has a rotating platform with spikes. Move on to the empty spaces between the spikes and slowly make your way across the room. Avoid hitting the spikes as they deal a great amount of damage and can throw Link into the chasm below. Step on the switch to unlock the door to the main hall.

In the main hall of Zelda BOTW Maka Rah shrine, you will be greeted by four Ancient Guardians 1. These are very weak enemies with 13HP. Take out your bow and kill them from a distance. Beware of their ranged laser attack as it can cause a lot of damage to Link. Go to the Northeast corner of the room and make an ice block using the Cryonis rune.

Climb the ledge with the help of the ice block to find a treasure chest. Open it to get 10x bomb arrows. Make another ice block in the Northwest corner of the room to climb another ledge. Step on the switch there to unlock the next room.

You will come across another switch in this room. Step on it to unlock the door and you will cross a path obstructed by wooden boxes. Don’t stand in the middle of the path or you will be hit by an incoming spiked boulder.

The path forward will be cleared by the boulder. Make your way up the ramp. After reaching its end, turn back and you will notice a ledge blocked by breakable rocks. Use the bomb arrows to destroy these rocks and unveil a new treasure chest. Use Magnesis to bring it down and collect a Diamond as a reward.

Turn right in the next room to come across another locked room. Stand on the switch in front of the door to unlock it. This will activate a mechanism with spiked boulders continuously falling down the hallway leading to the Monk. Instead of proceeding ahead, just turn back.

Look at the point of impact on the wall where the boulder hits. You will notice another treasure chest on the wall. Use Magnesis to bring it to you and collect Ancient Core.

Wait for another spiked boulder to get close to you. Use Magnesis to stop and capture the boulder. Place the boulder away from the hallway so you can climb the stairs unharmed. Stopping the boulder from hitting the wall and falling down into the lava will terminate the mechanism, allowing a safe passage to the next room.

Interact with Monk Maka Rah on the altar to receive a Spirit Orb. This will complete the Zelda Breath of the Wild Maka Rah Shrine.

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