Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Hawa Koth Shrine Guide

Zelda Breath of the Wild Hawa Koth Shrine is one of the 120 shrines and finds its home among the Gerudo Wasteland Region shrines ...

The diverse mystical world of Hyrule is teeming with little dungeons, aka Shrines. Zelda Breath of the Wild Hawa Koth Shrine is one of these 120 shrines and finds its home among the Gerudo Wasteland Region shrines. In Zelda BOTW, Hawa Koth Shrine offers a trial involving materials’ electrifying capabilities to get past the puzzles and win the spirit orb.

Zelda BOTW Hawa Koth Shrine location

You can reach this shrine by traveling to the southwestern part of the Gerudo Desert, just beside the Great Fairy Fountain. Both of these are placed underneath the Gerudo Great Skeleton. This location is also the southernmost corner of the Hyrule Map.

Finding this shrine is kind of a quest in itself. The easiest way is to warp to the Zelda BOTW Daqo Chisay Shrine in Gerudo Town. Spot a Sand Seal nearby on the far right side of the shrine, and start your journey by riding it.

Make sure to keep Heat-Resistant clothes around you if you want to survive the scorching heat of the desert.

On your way to the shrine, the radar stops working in a sandstorm. Worry not, and just keep heading southwest seeing the pointer of a skeleton until you reach the shrine.

Zelda Breath of the Wild Hawa Koth Shrine walkthrough

The shrine’s entrance gives you an electric system through two opposite poles. Using magnesis, you must place a pair of metal crates between the current poles. The second cube needs to be put above the first one. This will create the necessary pulse to open the gate.

Go upstairs from the new path to reach the next room with a pool area on the right. There is a chest inside the pool, which you can pull over using magnesis. Exploring it gets you the Ancient Core in Zelda BOTW.

At the center of the room, some greenish crystal (power source) has an ancient orb attached to it with metal chains. You have to untangle the chains from the pillar and place the orb on the glowing switch to the other side.

This will cause the electric wheel to rotate, creating a lift. This lift is a stone slab moving up and downwards. Stand on the slab, which will help you reach the upper platform. On your right, above the pool, are three mini-guardians in Zelda BOTW.

The best way to defeat them is using a ranged weapon like a bow to keep a fair distance. Now head to the left side of the platform and grab the orb placed there. While moving back toward the right, you will see a circular switch.

Put the orb on the switch to open the Zelda BOTW Hawa Koth shrine gate. Enter a new area and explore the second treasure chest for receiving a Gold Rupee.

Return to the previous section and loot the remains from the Guardians. Now, grab the ancient orb using magnesis, and place it on the switch next to where you are standing. This will trigger a green laser-like apparatus, eventually opening the next door.

Final puzzle

Walk inside the newly opened pathway opposite the switch wall. Turn to your left to reach the final shrine puzzle within Hawa Koth shrine in Zelda BOTW. This one is a wholly different story from the previous ones, so get ready for the fun to begin!

First, stand on the floor switch at the ending part of the path. Now use Magnesis ability on the front metal cube and the left long metal bar simultaneously, such that the left part of the metal bar is lined up exactly with the single cube.

Step down from the switch after doing so, permitting the bars to slide back to their positions. A shutter-sized gate on your back will go up when the circuit is completed. Use magnesis ability on the large gear to put it away as it holds something dear to you. Open the other Hawa Koth shrine chest to gain a Sapphire in Zelda BOTW.

Carry the same gear and return to where the monk is locked inside the gates. Put the gear and the already spinning gears to open the final door. Go inside and interact with the old monk to complete the Hawa Koth shrine in Zelda BOTW and receive a Spirit Orb.

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