Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Ex Treasure: Twilight Relic Quest Guide

Ex Treasure: Twilight Relic is one of the side quests that get you Midna's helmet in Zelda Breath of the Wild. Along with the main journey ...

Along with the main journey, many DLC side quests in Zelda: Breath of the Wild enables you to gain extra rewards that help you in the main journey. Zelda Breath of the Wild Ex Treasure: Twilight Relic is one of the side quests that get you Midna’s helmet as a reward. Go through the guide below and learn about the quest’s location and how to complete it.

Zelda Breath of the Wild Twilight Relic walkthrough

Before looking for the Twilight Relic, you need to know its location. This location is in a journal that you must find first.

For the journal, you must travel to the Outpost ruins. It will be a long way, so to minimize your traveling time, you can jump from the Great Plateau Tower and paraglide your way to the ruins.

As it is ruined, you will find broken walls everywhere, so you should head to the southern side of the ruins and look for the broken shelf. As you are near it, examine the area, and you will find a journal with multiple notes written in it.

These notes give you locations of other side quests like Ancient Mask, Fairy Clothes, Phantasma, and Twilight Relic. The note that guides to the location of the Twilight Relic in Zelda Breath of the Wild is as follows:

The princess of Twilight, whose stories are handed down alongside those of the Hero of Twilight… Her helmet can be found at the temple ruins soaked in the water of Regencia River.

Where to find Twilight Relic (Midna’s Helmet) in Zelda BOTW

Once you have read the notes, you will know that it refers to the Sage Temple Ruins. This ruin is on the west side of the Giant’s Forest.

Open your map to mark it. You can walk to the place or glide from the Central Hyrule Tower in Zelda BOTW.

You will find multiple guardians on your way to the Sage Temple Ruins; you can fight or ignore them. Ignoring is the wise choice in the quest as it will waste your time. As you are in the Ruins, you will see the ruin submerged in the water.

Make your way to the western side of the ruin and activate Magnesis. Using Magnesis in Zelda BOTW, you can pinpoint the treasure’s location in the water under some rubble. Using Magnesis, you will be able to pull out the chest.

Now that you have the chest in your hand, open it to find the Twilight Relic (Midna’s helmet) you were looking for from the start. This will complete the Zelda Breath of the Wild Ex Treasure: Twilight Relic quest.

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