Bravely Default 2 Secret Studio Walkthrough

Here's everything you need to know to come out victorious of the Secret Studio in Bravely Default 2, including chest locations.

Bravely Default 2 is one of the most popular games with adventures and twists. Many users look forward to playing this game, and we are here to help you. Secret Studio is essentially a section of the second Chapter of Bravely Default 2 in which you’ll tackle several monsters and retrieve chests.

Our guide below will tell you exactly how you can do that. So, let’s begin!

The Secret Studio

Make sure to reach to the cutscene. Once the cutscene ends, enter the door and move to the secret area. Here, you’ll find the third Wiswald chest containing 4x insect Nector at the fork.

Continue to the Secret Studio to cause a cutscene at the mural in Bravely Default 2.


In Secret Studio, you’ll come across a bunch of dangerous monsters. Below, we’ve named them and their weaknesses.

  • Wizzies (Humanoid) – Weak to Wind, Light, Daggers, and Staves, and immune to Darkness.
  • Bullet Ants (Insect) – Weak to Water, Wind, Spears, and Staves. Earth and Darkness deal half the damage.
  • Bronzelion (Demon) – Weak to Lightning, Axes, and Spears. Earth and Wind deal half the damage.
  • Drys (Spirit) – Weak to Fire, Swords, and Axes, immune to Earth, and absorbs Water and Light.
  • Fallen Foliole (Plant) – Weak to Fire, Earth, Daggers, and Swords.


There are 4 chests, in total, that are up for grabs in the Secret Studio in Bravely Default 2:

Chest # 1

For the first chest, proceed from the entrance and make the first turn. Interact with the yellow painting you’ll see next and approach the wall to the left.

The wall will automatically come down, revealing the chest just beyond, containing 2x Dragonfly Wing.

Chest # 2

Head back to the yellow painting and bang yourself into the wall to the right to make it melt away.

Now, move up to the red portrait to prompt a cutscene, and head down to the Dungeon Portal and save point.

Move left until you come across this chest. It contains three Fallen Foliole and three Drys within. Kill them to obtain a Rod of Ice.

Chest # 3

From the location of Chest # 2, proceed left until you trigger a cutscene.

Once the scene ends, move left and run into the red splotch of paint to make the wall melt.

Here, you’ll see the chest containing Shako in the upper right.

Chest # 4

From the location of Chest # 3, go to the far left for this chest containing Wailflower.

Once you’ve collected all four of the chests, step through the bright entryway to have a faceoff with the boss of this mission.

Folie Boss Fight

Folie has an HP of 27,168 and is weak to Water and Spears. It is accompanied by two other monsters, Golem, who has an HP of 4,528 and is weakened by Water and Axes, and Rock Tortoise, who has an HP of 4,594 and is weakened by Water, Axes, and Spears.

These two monsters are much easier to deal with, so eliminate them before you move on to Folie.

As for Folie, since it can counter White and Black Magic, you will need a Red Mage for healing duties.

Furthermore, it brings a vanguard to taunt her and a Shieldmaster to absorb most of her attacks.

Also, make sure to fill up your party with heavy physical damage dealers, as you’ll need to keep attacking and weakening Folie throughout the battle.

Moreover, the wall behind Folie can deal considerable damage but can’t be attacked, so be sure not to trigger its counters. Keep up the pressure, and don’t worry about saving up BP for this battle.

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