Bravely Default 2 Outlaws Hideout Walkthrough

This guide contains the detailed walkthrough of Outlaw's Hideout in Bravely Default II. There will be many different enemies and...

This guide contains the detailed walkthrough of Outlaw’s Hideout in Bravely Default II. There will be many different enemies and challenges that you must go through to get through this section successfully. We will explain it all in the Bravely Default 2 Outlaws Hideout walkthrough below.

Bravely Default 2 Outlaws Hideout

The Outlaws Hideout area in which this quest takes place is very confusing as it has many rooms that are of no use and only waste time.

Right into the creepy place, you will find a hallway and a room on the right in front of you. There is a chest inside with Teleport stone in it.

Ignore the rest of the rooms in this hallway of Outlaws Hideout and go north into the fork with stairs. Go downstairs into the basement to find the dining room area and a secret room where you can find the chest, which is an ambush where you have to kill some Bronzegoyle.

Open the chest and obtain the weapon, Francisca and then go back upstairs and then east to enter the 2nd room where you will find 320gp in a chest.

Go east now to find another fork and then north to find a chest containing 2 Mini Ethers. Now go down the stairs here to straight into the hallway to find three chests; 570 gp, Dart and Round Shield can be looted from these.

Now, go back up the stairs and then east till you enter the 2nd floor. You can find the Dungeon Portals here, which are blue circles.  Enter the Dungeon through the portal and continue going west as you kill enemies on the way.

The hallway will take you to another fork. Once there, go east and enter the room where you will find two more chests containing Long Sword and a Tent. Equip the sword as it is the upgraded version of Adelle’s Broadsword and then return to the fork again.

Go south so that you find yourself in a large room; look around for a red point on the floor which will be your save point.

Save the game here to be on the safer side and then get ready for the boss fight. You can use the tents to heal up, which will be great as the boss fights in Bravely Default II can be really dangerous.

Selene and Dag Boss

These bosses you will face in Outlaws Hideout are Selene and Dag with 2457 and 3468 HP, respectively. Furthermore, their weaknesses are Fire, Sword, Bow and Thunder, Dagger and Staff, respectively.

These two work as a team. Selene constantly buffs Dag, so his health doesn’t deplete; therefore, you need to take Selene out first. As Selene is weak to sword and fire, you must use these against her.

Make sure you utilize Stat buffs, so your damage is considerably higher. Poison each target to keep degenerating their HP.

Dag can use the ability Enrage which focuses the afflicted party member towards him entirely. When this happens, Sloan should hit Selene to finish off the boss fight.

Finally, after the bosses are taken care of, you will receive new jobs from the Asterisks you will get: White Mage and Vanguard. This will open the pathway for your new quest!