Bravely Default 2 Glenn Boss Guide

In this Bravely Default 2 guide, we’ll help you to victory and make sure that no nasty surprises await you in the boss fight against Glenn.

You can find most Job Asterisks in Bravely Default 2 in a linear fashion by following the main story, but a few of them are with some optional bosses. Glenn is one such boss and is the owner of the Slave asterisk. In this Bravely Default 2 Glenn Boss guide, we’ll help you to victory and make sure that no nasty surprises await you in the boss fight against Glenn.

Bravely Default 2 Glenn Boss

Although Glenn is totally optional, why miss out on the fun Slave-Maker job of Bravely Default II?  Let’s take a look at Glenn’s abilities and then jump into strategy so that you can claim the Slave Maker job for yourself.

Glenn’s Abilities

Glenn doesn’t really make use of all his class’s capabilities, and that’s just more beneficial for us. Let’s first take a look at his moves:

Abilities Effect
Philtre This inflicts charm, also counters physical attacks against.
Contagion Agent Deals 1500 fixed damage to the party, also inflicting contagion. And this, too, serves as a counter to any damage you deal him during its effect.
BP Tonic Gains 1 BP and serves as a counter to any magical attacks.
Giga Potion Restores 5000 HP


It must be obvious from the look of things that Glenn can basically counter any kind of move you have against him.

One ability in specific that applies contagion to the whole party is quite troublesome. You can counter this yourself by having a maxed out White Mage, who can cure everyone with a single use of Basuna. And he must do this every turn that contagion is cost.

Any spells against him will be useless, and he will stay at max BP instead, which could result in him wiping out the whole of your party easily. Also, beware of his counter to physical attacks that charm you instead.

To counter the many counters Glenn has, we might have to perform a batman maneuver; what is that you ask? Well, being prepared before the fight begins! Take along with you two physical attackers, a White Mage and a filler.

With either equipment that nullifies charm or one of them having the Berserker’s passive ability Unshakeable Will which makes the person immune to charm. Also, abilities from the Ranger’s tree also render physical counters useless.

With the proper preparations made, go for an all-out attack on Glenn; since he is weak against daggers, a thief may also be useful. With the proper arrangements, you may even end the whole thing in one turn. One of the easier boss fights if you have the right arsenal and preparations.

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