Boss Key Could Soon Announce Lawbreakers for Xbox One

Boss Key, the studio behind the highly anticipated Lawbreakers, could announce Lawbreakers for Xbox One. The studio is busy with the beta on PlayStation 4 and PC for the time being. However, there seems to be something going on behind the scenes in regards to Lawbreakers on Xbox One.

A recent social media post from Cliff Bleszinski indicated that the game could soon be arriving on Xbox One as well. He posted about PlayStation 4 and PC beta and asked fans on Xbox One to “sit tight.” The version has been rumored for a while so something official is exciting to hear.

And so it is, and so it shall be – OPEN (FINAL) Beta this weekend for LawBreakers. You can download it now to get going right away on PC/PS4. (Xbox fans, sit tight)

The game is releasing on August 8 for $29.99 and is a multiplayer only game. However, the studio doesn’t feel right ruling out the possibility of a campaign in the future. There are plenty of interesting characters in the game who can help develop the lore of Lawbreakers.

The Xbox One version is expected to be enhanced for Xbox One X as well considering the history of Boss Key and Microsoft. There is sure to be some form of partnership between the two.

The game has been compared to Overwatch on a number of occasions but studio considers them both to be very different games. According to the studio, over time differences between the two will become clearer.

Would you like to see Lawbreakers on Xbox One? Which platform to do prefer for shooters? Let us know in the comments below.

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