Why is Lawbreakers a Multiplayer Only Game? Boss Key Explains

Lawbreakers is not too far away from release thanks to the hardware men and women at Boss Key Studios. But the hard work is for the multiplayer only.

Lawbreakers is not too far away from release thanks to the hard work of men and women at Boss Key Studios. Lawbreakers is a multiplayer only game but considering Cliff Bleszinski’s history with games like Gears of War, we wondered why there isn’t a singleplayer mode included.

I had a chat with Boss Key’s Dan Nanni and asked about their multiplayer only approach with Lawbreakers. According to Nanni, they always wanted the studio to be relatively small. Working on games that are massive singleplayer experiences will cause them to compete with bigger studios and become something they do not wish to at the moment.

Boss Key prefers playing to its strengths, contained multiplayer experiences.

Boss Key has always wanted to keep the studio relatively small. Producing large single player campaigns to compete against bigger studios would lead us to become a big studio ourselves. We knew multiplayer games well and we knew what our limitations were being a small studio. It wasn’t just the smart decision to make, but it also played to our studio’s key strengths, and it was our target from the very beginning.

When asked about possible plans for a single player mode, Nanni stated that they are not ruling anything out but there is nothing in the works yet. If the community shows enough interest and wants to see a singleplayer campaign, they might consider adding it.

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