Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Lawbringer Nisha Builds Guide – Law & Order, Fan the Hammer, Riflewoman

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Lawbringer Nisha Builds with recommended skills from Law & Order, Fan the Hammer, The Riflewoman skill trees.

Nisha is by far the easiest character to learn in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. Her insane damage output allows her to take out enemies quicker than the others.

In the co-op experience, she should be the primary damage dealer and focus on finishing off enemies than anything else.

Planning to take out a large horde of enemies, bring her along to make the job easier. The only drawback of using her is that you’ll have to sacrifice one thing to gain another advantage. Focusing on increased damage output will require sacrificing sustainability and vice versa.

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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Lawbringer Nisha Builds

Exploration and leveling up is also made easy when playing with Nisha. Due to her insane damage output, she’s able to clear hordes of enemies and farm for XP and equipment. Another good thing about this character is her melee attack which is more like a medium ranged attack.

Lawbringer Skill Trees

Law & Order
This skill tree revolves around long engagements and survivability. The idea is to sustain damage in longer engagements and build buffs to take out horde of enemies.

Order is an important skill which Nisha builds as she receives damage and gives her a healing chance. This skill tree allows Nisha to get to the heart of battles (much like Athena) with damaging melee and short-ranged weapon.

Fan the Hammer
This skill tree basically revolves around damage; loads and loads of damage. This is best used when playing solo or a team which requires you to finish off targets with increased damage.

The idea is that your party members will deal damage and you’ll come in to finish them off. Showdown is further enhanced with Fan the Hammer. While Showdown is active, Ruthless and High Noon will get further enhanced to turn on the slaughter mode.

At the end of this skill tree, get yourself a collection of high-damaging pistols and destroy your enemies with One for Each of Ya. However, remember not to aim! For starters, grab Jakobs Pistols and some class mods that increase the damage output of these weapons and go ham with this skill.

The Riflewoman
The idea of using this skill tree is to get strong area-of-damage and to acquire decent bonuses. In the beginning, you’ll get good bonuses, but the area-of-effect damage won’t appear until later in the skill tree.

The best way to use this skill tree is by combining it with Fan the Hammer. With Snap Shot and One for Each of Ya, you’ll be able to deliver insane damage while firing from the hip.

In addition to this, you can also go with Quick Shot while using Pistols. All in all, The Riflewoman is meant to fill in the gaps in your build and make it even more damage dealing.

Lawbringer Nisha Builds

Build #1 – Hulk Who?
The first skill we’re going with is Ruthless which will increase the duration of Showdown by 0.5 seconds after each kill. This is further complemented by Saddle Up which will increase your Gun Damage and Movement Speed by 25% after each kill.

With Bottled Courage, you’ll improve Nisha’s survivability by instantly regaining 50% shield by activating Showdown. Furthermore, while Showdown is recharging, you’ll receive 35% increased shield recharge rate which is insane.

The next skill that you need to upgrade is Short Fused which will let Nisha deal Explosive-damage after each kill which will further complement all the skill mentioned above. The idea is to get one kill and then go on a rampage.

Faster ‘n You is something you certainly need in this build as it will increase Nisha’s reload speed, swap speed, and rate of fire by 35%. Get High Noon to deal increased Gun Damage for every second you’re in Showdown so that you can keep things going in a circle.

In the Riflewoman skill tree, you need to fill in Bona Fide Grit to gain HP regeneration and Critical Hit Damage after each kill. While going on a rampage, you don’t really have to waste time on ADS which is exactly where Snap Shot comes in.

This skill increases your Accuracy and Recoil Reduction while hip-firing, allowing you to spray and prey. This skill is synergized by Unchained to gain increased rate of fire with all gun types. To improve it even further, go with Quick Shot and gain increased Gun Damage and Fire Rate after reloading.

For the final skill, I would recommend going with Each One for Ya which will let you dual-wield pistols to further complement hip-fire and kill-based skills in this build.

Build #2 – Spray & Prey
This is the perfect build for those who wish to wipe off Raid Bosses and everything in general. First off, do note that some of the skills are increased by a High Rollin’ Crap Shooter COM. Do make sure that it should have at least six points in Tombstone.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this build is best complemented by Rosie Laser Rifle with electric-damage. For the secondary weapon, use anything with a decent rate of fire, but Jakobs Revolvers with Two-Fer prefix are highly recommended.

For the shield, go with an Adaptive Shield having decent health boost which will be synergized by Order Stacks. Your OZ Kit should be a Precision Strike one which will further enhance her Critical Damage and Accuracy.

When we talk about Grenades, it’s personal preference, but Kiss of Death seems to work best with the whole setup. While playing against Empyrean Sentinel, Unforgiving will allow you to rack up tons of damage due to the fact that bullets bounce among the hitboxes of boss’s three faces.

During the Bipedal Stage, go into Showdown and start off the chain by killing one of the minions and then focus firing on the Sentinel’s shield. Unchained, Trick Shot and Hat Lead are increased by High Rollin’ Crap Shooter COM.

Build #3 – Blazing Guns
This is pretty simple build with most points spent in The Riflewoman and Fan the Hammer skill trees. The basic idea behind this build is to gain as much Gun Damage as possible and especially with Pistols.

When we talk about Pistols, the ones which work best with this one are non-elemental Jakobs with Two-Fer prefix. You’ll also see one skill point invested in Order of Law & Order, the idea is to add a little survivability on the side and invest an additional skill point.

Another thing to note here is that you can also go with Hot Lead to give your Jakobs a chance to ignite enemies on Critical Hits. Fire Rate is pretty important when it comes to this build. With a higher rate of fire, you’ll be able to dispatch enemies in a much quicker way.

Although Jakobs already has a pretty decent rate of fire, increasing it further won’t hurt. This build is more like an outline for people who wish to design their build around Pistols. Take it as a basic structure and make changes as you see fit.

Build #4 – Critical Guns
This is another build which works best with Pistols having non-elemental damage. The reason I didn’t go with Law & Order in this build is because I somehow feel that Law & Order is more inclined towards melee builds.

The first skill that you need to upgrade is Ruthless which will increase the duration of Showdown. The next skill that you need to upgrade is Magnificent Six. Pistols generally are low on ammo and this will cover that drawback by provided extra damage to the last six bullets.

Short Fuse is just like a bonus skill to get to further skills. For the next skill, you can either go with Gunslinger or Faster ‘n You, but I would recommend going with Faster ‘n You to get various Gun Bonuses.

Next thing that you need to upgrade is High Noon to increase your Gun Damage for the Showdown’s duration. For this skill tree, the last thing that you need is One for Each of Ya which will let Nisha dual-wield Pistols.

Coming to The Riflewoman, you need to spend points in both Snap Shot and Bona Fide Grit which will increase Gun Damage while firing from the hip which is pretty important in this build. Quickshot and Fistful of the Bullets are mandatory with this build due to the fact that the whole setup is revolving around using Pistols as primary weapons.

For the last skills, you need Tombstone to have a higher chance of Critical Hits and deliver some extra damage. The Unforgiving is going to be the final nail in the coffin which will increase Weapon Damage and Explosive Damage.

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