Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Boss Guide – Tips and Strategy

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Boss tips and strategies to kill them to become the most badass Vault Hunter to have ever lived.

There are a total of nine bosses in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. These bosses appear throughout the twelve main story missions of the campaign.

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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Boss Tips and Strategy

There are some bosses like Sentinel which are further divided into phases and put up a great fight. In this guide, I’m going to talk about various strategies using which you can defeat these bosses with ease.

Level: 2
Critical Points: Fuel Tank and Cockpit
Immune Against: Cryo and Incendiary

First things first, if your shield doesn’t have fire-resistance, keep a safe distance!

This battle is divided into two phases. In the first phase, the boss uses three basic attacks: an attack using its arm which acts like a flamethrower, rockets erupting from its arm dealing both fire/explosive damage, and a melee attack which deals significant damage.

The good thing about this fight is that Jack will keep the boss busy with his elemental-shock attacks. As soon as Jack diverts its attention, start shooting at Flameknuckle’s back and aim for the critical hits. Keep on shooting until he diverts attention towards you.

During the second phase, the boss comes out of the mech-suit wielding a laser rifle and grenades. In addition to this, he also has a powerful melee strike. Once again, Jack will come to your aid and shock the boss, giving you enough time to deliver multiple shots.

Level: 4
Critical Points: Head and Backpack
Immune Against: Cryo

The battle arena of this boss battle is flooded with jump pads and Deadlift’s minions. As soon as the battle begins, kill a good number of Scavs, but leave a couple of them to get back on your feet.

This boss relies on Electrocute-damage which can go through your shield in a matter of seconds. Start off with dealing damage with a sniper-rifle and hop onto the nearest jump pad if you see Deadlift lunging at you. It’s a good idea to go with a sniper rifle which will deplete his shield quickly to make this fight easier.

You need to keep a safe distance from his Shock-Gun and shooting with your sniper-rifle for an easy win!

Level: 8
Critical Points: Leg and Head
Immune Against: Nothing

Redbelly has various attacks at his disposal including fused-grenades which deal elemental damage, a powerful melee attack, and a laser-rifle.

The good thing about this fight is that this boss doesn’t have a shield so you can use a high-damage rifle from long-range and a high-power shotgun from short range. When we talk about nots of this boss fight; try not staying in one place and always be on the move.

As soon as you see Redbelly lunging in with a melee strike, move away quickly by jumping or running away. When you land back on ground, hit the boss hard in the back. Another good strategy to keep in mind is to let the boss chase you. He’s programmed not to leave his area, which will give you a chance to take him out from a distance.

Later in the boss fight, Red and Belly will start fighting separately. You need to ignore the floating Red and keep your focus on Belly to end this boss fight quickly!

Level: 14
Critical Points: Head
Immune Against: Nothing

Closely observe the battle arena and you’ll notice four generators creating a blue sphere protecting the boss. As soon as the battle starts, turn to these generators and destroy them, preferably before Bosun’s minions start appearing in the area. It’s almost of no use to hit the boss before destroying the generators, so don’t even try.

Evade Bosun’s nasty attacks and keep your attention on turning off the generators. Speaking of Bosun’s attacks, he has a Gatling-Gun, laser-rifle, and shock-damage attacks. Once you’ve destroyed all generators, start attacking the boss, especially with electrocute-damage. Electrocute weapons work really well to deplete Bosun’s shield.

Once the shield is depleted, cycle to a corrosive-weapon and take out his mech-suit. Keep a close eye on the minions roaming the area and always break their line of fire whenever you can. Keep on attacking the boss’s head for critical damage and eventually a win.

Felicity Rampant
Level: 16
Critical Points: Eye
Immune Against: Cryo

This boss fight also takes place in two phases. Coming straight to Felicity’s attacks, she has three mounted turrets (two blast turrets and a grenade turret) and fires a laser-beam from the eye. All these turrets can be destroyed and doing so should be your first strategy.

Take out the two blast turrets first and then go for grenade turret. Other attacks at Felicity’s disposal include a head-ram and a stomp attack. The boss is capable of hovering in the air, but it chooses to stick to the ground during the first phase.

However, neither mounted turrets nor stomping attack is pivotal, but its shield/repair drones. These drones emerge from the boss’s back and replenish its HP and protect it against all damage. As soon as you see them coming out, destroy them or all your dealt damage will be gone to waste.

It’s a good idea to hover in the air to take a good shot at the drones and make Felicity vulnerable. Once the boss is vulnerable, keep on firing on the large eye to complete the first phase of the battle.

During the second phase of the battle, cycle to something with corrosive-damage and stick to the strategy provided above. She’ll once again spawn repair/shield drones so destroy them as soon as possible and deal corrosive damage to finish off this boss fight.

Colonel T. Zarpedon
Level: 26
Critical Points: Headlight and Head
Immune Against: Incendiary and Cryo

Like the previous boss battle, this boss battle is also divided into two phases. Your first priority, when it comes to defeat this boss, should be depleting her shield followed by continuous attacks. Use something with electrocute-damage to take out the shield easily.

Do keep in mind that as soon as her shield breaks, she’ll recharge it, but only thrice. During the duration in which the shield is getting recharged, focus fire with weapons having insane damage.

You’ll also come across several Fusion Cores located in the area which can be used as a cover and as explosives to damage your opponents. In addition to this, it’s possible to fall off the stage and die so keep this in mind.

When we talk about her attacks, she has three types of attacks. At long range, she uses a laser blaster, shock torpedoes, and a series of homing missiles. At medium range, she attacks with a sword slam and a ground slam. And finally, at close range, she attacks with an energy sword which deals pretty high damage.

During the second phase of the battle, the first thing that you need to do is to break the boss’s shield. The shield will again recharge, but the delay is quite long, giving you enough time to plan and execute your attacks.

Speaking of her attacks, at long range, she’ll use energy beams from her hands. At medium range, she’ll use Leaping Staff attack, and at close range, she’ll lunge at you with melee kick attack. In addition to this, she also attacks with a shock attack which should be avoided by jumping.

All in all, you need to break the shield and keep a steady stream of fire on her head to end this fight as quickly as possible.

Level: 29
Critical Points: Cockpit, Turrets, Missile Pods
Immune Against: Cryo

The good thing about this battle is that this boss doesn’t have a shield so you can go in with a corrosive-weapon and start shooting at it. Like I’ve mentioned above, its weak areas are cockpit, turrets, and missile pods. Keep your attention to these areas and don’t use Cryo-weapons.

The battle arena offers a lot of spaces to take cover and keep this fight fairly easy. I would recommend standing on top of the roof to get you a good vantage point. At this point, you’ll be able to avoid the countless minions on the ground Level, keep your line-of-fire uninterrupted, and an Air Dome Generator at the top of roof.

The boss will attack with shock torpedoes and a series of homing missiles. You can get a good idea of its upcoming attacks by listening to its pilot’s attack commands.

Level: 28
Critical Points: Exposed Face
Immune Against: Cryo

This boss fight takes place in four phases with each phase ending when Sentinel’s shield is completely depletes. Each phase also contains a set of elemental-attacks. During Phase #1 and Phase #2, the Sentinel’s shield will recharge, but not in Phase #3 and Phase #4.

During the first phase, the boss attacks with a couple of melee and special attacks. These attacks include deflecting attacks and homing missiles. To deflect your bullets back at you, the boss rotates its staff. Also, keep a close eye on the homing missiles. One good thing about this phase is that no minions are spawned during this phase.

During the second phase, the boss will go into the air and target fireballs at you. In addition to this, it’ll also lunge at you with a powerful melee attack which deals high damage. Lastly, a series of random explosions will take place on the arena. During this phase, the boss will have increased speed and will retain all previous attacks.

The third phase doesn’t have a lot of new attacks, and the only attack is a laser-attack from its eye which contains Cryo-damage. Similar to the third phase, the fourth phase doesn’t have a lot of attacks and the only new attack is a series of attacks from its staff which are directed towards from the air.

The Empyrean Sentinel
Level: 28
Critical Points: None
Immune Against: Nothing

The boss battle with this large Guardian is divided into three distinctive phases. Each time his shield is damaged, a little portion of his face is revealed for critical damage. With critical damage dealt to his face, it’ll be stunned for a couple of seconds and will get back up after regenerating HP and shield.

During the first phase, the boss sends a black hole near player’s location which draws them inside it. In addition to this, he also directs a large beam throughout on the battle arena. During one of its attacks, it swipes its arm on the battle arena which can be evaded by jumping.

Then there is a hand slam attack and an attack revolving around getting different chunks of the battle arena into the air with elemental-damage on the floor. This attack can be avoided by Oz-boosted jumping into the air.

During the second phase, the Sentinel directs energy beam towards players with both hands which cover far greater areas. In addition to this, the boss also slams it’s both hands on the ground which bounce players to its eye-Level while firing energy beams from its eyes.

The best way to avoid this attack is to go for a ground slam before the boss has a chance to direct energy beams towards you.

During the last phase, the boss vomits in the arena which contains corrosive-damage and contains significant damage. This vomit stays in its place for about 30 seconds and Sentinel often creates a black hole to pull players towards it.

And the last attack is once again energy beam. Once again, stick to the Oz-boosted jump to avoid the corrosive slime and focus fire on the boss to defeat the last boss of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

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