Borderlands 3 Bounty of Blood Where It All Started Walkthrough

We have prepared this walkthrough for the Where It All Started quest in Bounty of Blood DLC for Borderlands 3 to help you with the mission and boss fight

In the Gehenna Galaxy, fast travel to the Blast Plains. At the spawn location, you’ll find the droid in the warehouse on the left. Mount it and head towards the Borderlands 3 Where It All Started objective marker towards the north-east to meet with Juno in the Bounty of Blood DLC.

Borderlands 3 Where It All Started

At the location, you’ll encounter a band of Devil Riders. Engage them while inside the droid. Clear them all then dismount the droid to enter the gate there.

There are more Devil Rider inside and they’ll be fiercely shooting at you. Be vigilant and be in control. Use grenades excessively to quickly take out the stronger riders outside the building.

Register the Telezapper
Once you’ve killed ‘em, Juno will hand you a Telezapper that you must take and register in the console right there.

Once you’ve done that, you have to head into the portal that appears in order to stop the bomb launch.

Teleport to Bloodsun Canyon
The portals will eventually take you to Bloodsun Canyon. There, you’ll immediately find consoles to purchase weapons and ammo. Head to the objective marker at the Bloodsun Launch Facility.

Near the objective marker, there is a swarm of enemies guarding the facility, clear them all out and get to the facility gate only to find that its locked.

Head back and take left over the wooden ramp and left again to enter through the backdoor.

Inside the Launch Facility
Once inside, use the teleporter right in front to get into another area. Go through the closed door and make way to the next objective marker; it’s a long run swarmed with enemies.

You can skip them and just run through to the objective point.

At the objective point, you’ll find yourself in the Inventor’s Presentation Room. Interact with the console to start the presentation and open the path to continue to the next marker.

Following the path, you’ll come at a dead end at which point you must head inside the room under the cable carts jump to the top then head out and from the crates placed there, jump onto the cable cart running through the way.

It’ll take you to the next area, jump off on the right when you see the pathway then continue to the objective point.

At a point, you’ll see Rose standing at the higher platform where you must take a turn to take the stairs up.

She’ll run away but you should replenish your supplies at the consoles there than activate the lift to go down into the hall. It’s time for a boss battle.

The Quartermaster Boss
A robot will spawn along with Quartermaster support firing from the platform behind. They both have some serious and aggressive firepower.

To kill them, you must take out the Quartermaster first then kill the robot. The robot will put on a shield once it takes some damage to replenish its health.

However, it does take explosive damage while on the shield. Use grenade to take him down.

Brace for Impact
Once the Quartermaster is done with, unlock the door and continue to the next objective marker. See the bomb show then head outside to witness the blast where it all started.

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