Borderlands 3 Bounty of Blood Quartermaster Boss Guide

The Quartermaster boss can be a bit tricky to find. To help you find this boss and easily defeat him, we’ve prepared this guide to show you how you can find and defeat the Borderlands 3 Bounty of Blood Quartermaster Boss.

You’ll encounter the Quartermaster, accompanied by the Oaken Wolf when you’re playing through the Gehenna planet and reach the end of the ‘Bloodsun Canyon’ zone.

Borderlands 3 Quartermaster Boss

Enter the Bloodsun Canyon zone on planet Gehenna in the Bounty of Blood DLC and keep moving your way forward until you reach the part of the map where it takes a sharp right turn. This will be after you enter the gate which says ‘JAKOBS’ above it.

From here, keep moving forward until you reach the area with the wagons moving around above.

In this room, look to your right after entering and you’ll see a jump pad that will take you to the upper floor.

In this floor, jump up onto the platforms above and then hop on the wagon moving to the other side of the room.

Ride this wagon into the tunnel and then jump down into the first door on your right.

From here, go down the stairs to your right and then move forward until you reach the elevator. This elevator will take you down to meet the Quartermaster.

Quartermaster Boss Fight
The Quartermaster in BL3 Bounty of Blood is just a small man who operates a grenade launcher and the Oaken Wolf is a giant robot.

This boss fight is as easy as can be. When it starts, all you need to do is immediately focus on the Quartermaster himself and empty your magazine on him.

When he’s down, the Oaken Wolf will become immobile, allowing you to easily take it down as well.

There’s no point in taking down the Oaken Wolf first, as it’ll just regenerate its health if the Quartermaster is still alive.

If you use a legendary weapon in this boss fight, it should be an absolute walk in the park for you.