Borderlands 3 Revenge of the Cartels Mansion Puzzle Guide

To unlock a special room, you have to solve a puzzle and in this guide, we have the Borderlands 3 Revenge of the Cartels Mansion Puzzle solution

Borderlands 3 Revenge of the Cartels DLC throws a bit of a wrench in the typical shoot first ask question later formula of the franchise. To unlock a special room in the free DLC, you have to solve a puzzle and in this guide, we have the Borderlands 3 Revenge of the Cartels Mansion Puzzle solution.

The new DLC of Borderlands 3, Revenge of the Cartels we enter Joey Ultraviolet‘s mansion and inside we have to unlock a special room.

This can be done by completing this special challenge of completing a puzzle. This puzzle challenge is called ‘Every Mansion Needs a Puzzle’.

Borderlands 3 Revenge of the Cartels Mansion Puzzle

The Cartel Mansion puzzle can be a little head-scratching and you might find it intimidating so here we are to your help, the puzzle is difficult and its result also varies between players but don’t worry, here we are to your help and get you through this puzzle in the Borderlands 3, Cartel Mansion.

First, you need to find this hidden puzzle, and for that go to the big area called Grand Baller area on the second floor of the mansion.

Now if you have been through the area once, just simply get to the place where you found that golden mask.

From the start, get to the Cartel hideout with fats travel and then to the Ultraviolet Mansion. Then to the big baller room on the second floor of the mansion.

Now to get to the baller room, go to the second floor through stairs and then turn left from the brown armchairs and go through the corridor.

Get through the doorway ahead of the corridor and then look to your left and you will be standing near the fountain.

The baller room is to the left of the fountain, get inside and go to the left of the room into the study. You will see a desk and on it will be a keyboard, just interact with that keyboard and the puzzle will be activated.

Also, keep in mind that if you are here in the Joey Ultraviolet mansion for the first time then you will have to clear the while mansion by killing all the enemies.

After you are done with everything mentioned above and activated the Joey Ultraviolet mansion puzzle, the real challenge ‘Every Mansion needs a Puzzle’ has begun.

Ultraviolet Cartel Mansion Puzzle Solution
So when the puzzle starts, you will see four screens in front of you in the room when you are standing in front of the keyboard on the desk.

These four screens will show you four different shapes. You need to memorize the order of these shapes, so we recommend that you better write them down. These shapes will be either circle, triangle or square.

Now when you are done with the shapes, turn to the bookshelf on your immediate right, on the shelf you will see that books have numbers on them.

This is the password entering shelf and you have to figure out the password for now so do not touch this shelf or you will have to memorize the shapes again.

Now go to the shelf on your left, there will be two shelves on the left and you need to go to the second one.

You will see that this shelf has a specific arrangement of books and objects in it. On the shelf, you will see three objects in representing three shapes on the screens.

These objects can be anywhere on the shelf and it varies from player to player so this part of the Cartel Mansion puzzle can be a bit confusing.

So there will be a prism in the shelf representing triangle, a cube representing the square shape, and a circle representing the circular shape.

And above these shapes, you will see three empty spaces on the shelf, these empty spaces represent the numbers like this:

So this means that triangle is associated with the number above it and the same for the other two shapes.

Now you will notice that each of these columns of numbers have an object in them.

This object is the specific number that can be associated with the object or the shape below it.

Like in the picture you can see there is an object at number 1 in the triangle column so that means we have to place 1 in place of the triangle in the sequence of shapes that we memorized at the start.

Do so for the other two columns as well, as we can see there is an object at number 5 so 5 can be associated with square shape and an object at number 3 so 3 will be associated with the circle.

When you have all the numbers associated with the specific shape, put them in the sequence those shapes were shown in the screens.

And now get back to the bookshelf with numbers on the books and press the books with numbers in the same sequence as those shapes and their associated numbers are in.

Those shape associated numbers are actually your secret key to the puzzle. When you have pressed the right books the secret room to your left will be opened.

There will be a number of chests inside the room and you will see that all that hassle with the puzzle was worth it because of all the goodies that you will find inside the chests in the hidden room.

With the Borderlands 3 Revenge of the Cartels mansion puzzle solved, you will have now completed the ‘Every Mansion Needs a Puzzle Challenge’ in the Revenge of the Cartels free DLC event.