Borderlands 3 Revenge of the Cartels Joey Ultraviolet Boss Guide

This guide will show you how to defeat Joey Ultraviolet, the main boss of the newly released Borderlands 3 Revenge of the Cartels DLC

Joey Ultraviolet is the main big bad of the newly released free DLC event, Revenge of the Cartels. In this Borderlands 3 Revenge of the Cartels Joey Ultraviolet Boss we will show you how to take down this cartel leader boss.

Borderlands 3 Revenge of the Cartels Joey Ultraviolet Boss

So the fight with Joey Ultraviolet boss will start when you get down from the fountain path and get more inside the mansion. There, you will face the one and only Joey Ultraviolet, the cartel boss.

So the fight is not that easy, to be honest, and will start with his dogs attacking you first while Joey watches from above.

In order to get him down in the arena to fight, first you need to kill all the enemies already present in the arena.

When you get rid of the minions present in the arena, Joey will jump down from above to fight you himself.

Now when Joey Ultraviolet is finally down in the arena, he will also have two mini-bosses with him and they are going to be a big threat.

We recommend that first you get rid of these mini-bosses as it will give you room to breathe and also make Joey vulnerable.

Joey’s shield will be gone after the mini-bosses and now you can attack him all you want, so use all the firepower you have basically shoot him with the corrosive and fire-based weapons as it will deal lots of damage and you will see his HP going down very fast after this.

Now, some things to keep in mind during the battle are, first Joey has lots of short-range attacks and they can be fatal. So what you need to do is keep a safe distance from him.

Another thing is Joey’s charged attack in which he just run towards you, as it is, straight forward, and hit you. Now you need to avoid this attack by dodging and getting to sides.

Another thing to keep in mind are those arena lasers, they will start after the first phase of the fight and when you enter the second phase and Joey loses his shield.

There will be no arrangement to these beams and they deal quite a lot of heavy damage so keep an eye for that.

Another huge damage dealing thing is those corrosive pools on the floor of the arena, when you get inside they will deal damage over time so keep clear of them as well.

If you take care of the HP and kill the enemies in the order and attack Joey with fire and corrosive type weapons you will be able to get rid of him in no time.

Once you defeat Joey Ultraviolet boss, you will have finished the main campaign part of Revenge of the Cartels DLC.