Borderlands 3 Respec Guide – How to Reset Your Skill Points

Borderlands 3 allows you to respec your characters so if you ever change your mind about your build, check out our Borderlands 3 Respec Guide on it.

Borderlands 3 gives you the ability to choose from one of four Vault Hunters: Amara, Zane, Moze, FL4K and you can further alter your playstyle with the various skill tree options for each character. However, if you somehow spent points on a wrong skill, you can still choose to revert the changes with our Borderlands 3 Respec Guide.

Borderlands 3 Respec

Just as everything in life does not come free, so does the abilities and skills in Borderlands 3. You need to spend those hard-earned skill points to unlock newer skills and abilities.

You may choose to go for certain options at the time though and change your mind later on. Or if you are just experimenting with a build and it doesn’t catch your fancy, you can always respec your build and spend those points again.

To respec your character follow the given steps:

  • Proceed to any quick-change machine
  • Choose the ‘respec’ option
  • Now you can either reset skill points spent

Once they have been reset, the character can be modified from the ground up, again!

This process comes at a cost though. It would be relative to your character’s level at that point in time. That translates to paying more if you have spent more skill points on your character earlier on.

Although despite that the overall process is relatively inexpensive to the fortune you might have amassed so far in the game!

Respec-ing a character is not uncommon amongst the players. Sometimes you might like a skill that would seem like a better option at the time but you end up not using it that much and would want to use another one.

That or you could be teaming up with your friends and want abilities that would help each other out, in such scenarios this Respec option in the game would turn out to be very useful.

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