Borderlands 3 Money Farming Guide – How to Earn Money Fast, Farming Tips

Always short on cash? Check out our handy Money Farming Guide for Borderlands 3 to learn how to get money quickly and become a billionaire.

Players are always looking to make a quick buck in-game from here and there to buy cool new stuff. In BL3, making cash is necessary to upgrading your character as well as progressing smoothly through the game. In this guide, we would be covering multiple ways that would help you farm money fast in Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3 Money Farming

Let us begin with the simplest and most straightforward way in Borderlands 3, which is to open any and all safes spread around the world. These are small boxes scattered in different places, throughout the world.

The amount you receive would be random though. However, these safes would only contain money. Also, check-in the lockers as they might be hiding some stuff.

Another tip is to complete the numerous side missions in Borderland 3. These are a great source to make some quick, nice, and crispy Benjamins! A majority of these would lead to a considerable reward for little work.

This ensures a healthy stream of cash. In most of them the player is taken to a rewards room filled with weapons and money.

Although these side quests reward weapons relative to your current level so you might even want to save them for later on.

That being said, you would also receive more cash once the quest is completed there would be more cash as a reward. Thus, side hustles such as bounty hunting end up being a pretty sweet deal overall.

Checking and cashing in on loot you might have had missed is also really important as this could prove to be a really good financial decision.

The Lost Loot can be accessed from the Lost Loot Vending machine near the bridge of Sanctuary. You can receive the loot you may have left behind and sell it to make money.

Furthermore, sell old weapons that are not of any use to you anymore, to vendors to make some extra cash.

Borderlands 3 also sees the use of a backpack in the game. It is possible to make a nice chunk of change off of it.

The backpack has about thirty slots if you pack them with enough good weapons it possible to make off even a hundred thousand. Then again it might get used pretty quickly.

Our overall best tip is to try to stay true to the Vault Hunter spirit and loot anything and everything possible!

Destroy anything you come across while keeping in mind to upgrade the inventory slots. This way you can come across awesome stuff!

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