Borderlands 3 Locus of Rage Walkthrough

The final mission of the Borderlands 3’s DLC Psycho Krieg has brought us to the door of a dangerous foe....

The final mission of the Borderlands 3’s DLC Psycho Krieg has brought us to the door of a dangerous foe. In this Borderlands 3 Locus of Rage walkthrough, join us as we take you through this short yet exciting journey in a step-by-step fashion.

Borderlands 3 Locus of Rage

The mission starts off with you ending up in Vaulthalla, housing a sinful force inside that you need to take care of.

Venture through Vaulthalla
Head straight through until you reach a teleportation sphere. Use it to find the Lesionball area.

Eventually, you’ll see that Krieg’s power is being suppressed by something sinister, something big; the Psychoreaver.

Krieg will get entrapped and won’t be able to accompany you temporarily.

Fight the Psychoreaver
The source of the sinister energy is the Psychoreaver. He’s a fairly challenging foe if you’re not quick on your feet. Mobility is key so keep moving around as you deal with his attacks.

Make sure to use whatever window of opportunity you can to land shots on him until you finally push him into his second phase. Check out our in-depth guide regarding the Psychoreaver for more information.

Talk to Sane Krieg
After dealing with the boss, loot up on the spoils and go talk to Sane Krieg for more information. He’ll tell you to loot whatever you can before the entire place collapses.

Loot All That You Can
Access the different platforms using the jump pads and loot whatever chests you can before time runs out.

Once done, use the portal in the front to get out of the place and find Sane and Psycho Krieg conversing with each other.

A Good Ending
Krieg will come to terms with his existence, and soothing music will soon follow. You have now finished the Borderlands 3’s Psycho Krieg DLC, and taken care of the evil Psychoreaver. Congratulations!

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