How to Open Vaulthalla Secret Room in Borderlands 3

In this guide for Borderlands 3 Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck, we’ll tell you How to Open the Vaulthalla Secret Room by finding the locations of all the hidden switches as well as tips on how to defeat Psychoreaver boss.

How to Open Vaulthalla Secret Room in Borderlands 3

Vaulthalla is a room full of treasure, and it doesn’t end here. There is another secret room attached to Vaulthalla that has even more treasure.

You’ll find yourself in Vaulthalla towards the end of Borderlands 3 Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck DLC.

Soon enough you’ll be opening chests and shooting yellow switches to gain access to more chests in the secret room.

While you are in the first room, look for the switches above the archways and on the roof.

Shoot them till they start flashing green and keep heading forward. There’ll be three switches in the first room.


Head through the portal to enter, Lesionhall. There’ll be three more switches in this hall.

One of them will be on the wall in front of you, another one on the floor towards the right, and the last one on the wall behind you.

Exiting the Lesionhall will put you in a fight against Psychoreaver. There are three more switches in this room. You can shoot them before or after killing the boss.

This boss fight would be an easy one since his movements are slow and it takes him ages to swing an arm.

The battle will last for two phases. Keep dodging his attacks and aim for his head.

Once you’ve defeated the boss, a portal will appear. The portal will put you in the treasure room.

As soon as you enter the room, you’ll see a timer in front of you. The timer will start ticking when you take off from the landing you’re currently on.

You’ll have only 60 seconds to open all the chests in this room and then they’ll disappear. It’s better to collect all the loot first and then shoot the switches.

There are three switches in this treasure room. One of them is beneath the floor as shown on the map below.

For this, you’ll have to break the floor. The second one will be on the floor on the landing towards the left.

The last one is on the wall opposite the shield preventing you from moving into the secret room.

This room won’t have any timer and you can open as many chests as you want.

However, there is another secret room. To open that secret room, you need to shoot 12 more yellow switches in the room you’re currently in.

6 of these are located on the wall in front of you, and 6 on the wall behind you. These switches are quite small, so make sure you look for them in the darkest corners.

The last secret room will have a few more chests, without a timer ticking over your head.

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