Borderlands 3 Proving Grounds Guide – How to Unlock, Proving Ground Locations

Check out Borderlands 3 Proving Grounds Guide to find out the benefits of doing these challenge gauntlets and how to unlock them.

Borderlands 3 has introduced us with a new arena gauntlet in the game, the Eridian Proving Grounds. Proving Grounds in BL3 has time limits set out for the players that make it different from the arenas that we have seen in the previous games. This Borderlands 3 Guide will focus on this Proving Grounds arena and its associated quests and challenges.

Borderlands 3 Proving Grounds

An easy way out to unlock the Proving Ground Arena is to just go to go to the Main Menu and open the Social category through which you can go to the Matchmaking tab.

It will give you an option to find a crew for the Proving Grounds without having to unlock it.

But it seems that this way does not apply to all the players so we have found another way to solve this problem and unlock the Proving Grounds.

Once you are at the end of the main story, you should have the Eridian Analyzer. This item helps you in reading the Eridian Writings which is written all over the Eridian slabs in different areas.

Once you get the Eridian Analyzer, you need to revisit the areas where you left without reading these text and read all of the texts using the Analyzer.

Once you have gained all the Eridian Knowledge, you will reach a location and here you will start the planet’s Proving Grounds quest.

All these ask you to go to Sanctuary and talk to Tannis. Once you do it, you will be given access to the new arena.

Rewards in the Proving Grounds are given based on how fast you have completed the rounds.

When you are given a challenge and you set out to defeat the enemies and bosses in the battles, winning the battles is not the only requirement of the battle.

In fact, you have to win the battles in a set time otherwise you are not given any reward on winning the battle but are given better rewards on completing it in the time limit.

Defeating the enemies and bosses are not the only objectives that you are given in the Proving Grounds, but you can also complete other objectives like defeating the Fallen Guardian.

Pandora Proving Grounds Locations

Once you have completed the main story, locations for the proving grounds appear on the map as if they are quests. Here, on these locations, you are going to find the beacons, by finding items that have yellow exclamation marks over them.

  1. The Trial of Survival: This can be found on the planet Pandora in Devil’s Razor zone.
  2. The Trial of Instinct: This can be found on planet Eden-6 in Floodmoor Basin zone.
  3. The Trial of Cunning: It is a quest on planet Pandora but in The Splinterlands zone.
  4. The Trial of Fervor: This can be found on the same planet Eden-6 in Jakobs Estate.
  5. The Trial of Discipline: This can be found on planet Promethea in Meridian Outskirts zone.
  6. The Trial of Supremacy: This can be found on the planet Nekrotafeyo in Desolation’s Edge.

This is all the information which we can provide you with on the Proving Grounds in Borderlands 3 and this is all you need. Hopefully, if the first method doesn’t work for you, then the second definitely will. Goodluck!