Borderlands 3 Bounty of Blood: Off the Rails Walkthrough

Continue your search for the mysterious stone and Rose in this Borderlands 3 Off the Rails Walkthrough. Get ready to...

Continue your search for the mysterious stone and Rose in this Borderlands 3 Off the Rails Walkthrough. Get ready to blow up more raiders in Borderlands 3 Bounty of Blood, and try to put a stop to Rose’s evil plans all the while discovering Sheriff’s legendary weapon, the ‘Trick the Tidal Wave’.

Borderlands 3 Off the Rails

Brief Juno on the Details
Head into the Sheriff’s office, where Titus and Juno are having a conversation. Brief them regarding your new discovery from your visit to the Devil Riders’ hideout.

During your briefing, the town will be raided by the Devils.

Get Rid of the Raiders
Exit the office, and you’ll discover that the town is being raided. Clear the street first, and then proceed to the garden outside once done.

Eventually, you’ll have to deal with a Prime Abaddon as well. Once you’ve cleared the area, follow Juno back to the Sheriff’s Office.

Open Sheriff’s Loot Chest
With this, you’ll be able to get Sheriff’s weapon, Trick the Tidal Wave. A formidable piece of weaponry.

Cross the Blastplains, and Go to Obsidian Forest
Head outside the town, and into Juno’s shed. Grab a ride and make your way across the Blastplains, and into the Obsidian Forest.

Find Oletta’s Homestead
Dive deeper into the forest, and you’ll eventually come to Crone’s Contentment, this is where Oletta resides, the old woman Juno spoke of.

Inject Infused Cores, and Release Bug Groups
Oletta will give you one of her creations, an infused core. Inject them into the respective containers, and release the bug groups to see if the bugs are being influenced by the flora (They are).

Find Train
Oletta will show you the way to Rose, and you will proceed alone from this point on.

Head through the caves, and you’ll reach the Tallyway Station running about with Devil Riders all around. Kill all of them, and use the valve at the center.

Use the coresploder adjacent to the core loader, and destroy the core loader using your tech knuckle.

Stop the Train

Get Core Bombs – Get the Core Bombs scattered around by creating openings using your tech knuckle on the nearby coresploders.

After collecting all the bombs, make your way to the train by opening the blocked passage using the coresploder. Exit the mine, and place the core bombs on their respective positions. Both of them are placed pretty much next to each other.

Once you’ve placed them, use the coresploder to blow everything to hell.

Search Train Wreckage
Interrogate the conductor, and a Bellik Primis will rise from the wreckage of the train. Prepare to fight it off, as it aggressively charges towards you.

Make sure you’re on your toes and keep moving. Avoid the projectiles by using the train wreckage as a shield. Destroying the Primis, the conductor will reveal the ship was going towards the Facility.

This will complete the mission ‘Off the Rails’ in Borderlands 3.

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