Borderlands 3 Bounty of Blood: The Name of the Law Walkthrough

This Borderlands 3 The Name of the Law Walkthrough will detail all the steps of the quests added in Bounty...

This Borderlands 3 The Name of the Law Walkthrough will detail all the steps of the quests added in Bounty of Blood DLC in their respective order.

Fight through hordes of Devil Riders, as you burn their base of operations down, and takedown Kormash in the bathhouse, in an attempt to find the mysterious stone.

Borderlands 3 The Name of the Law

Find Juno, and Give Sheriff’s Badge to Juno
Follow the marker through the town, and up to the church on the cliffside. A cutscene will initiate, where two Devil Riders have just arrived to claim the bounty on Juno’s head.

During the conversation, you will give the Sheriff’s badge to Juno, confirming the Sheriff’s death.

Go to Juno’s Shed, and Cross the Blastplains
Head outside of town, and inside the Shed, you’ll find yourself a ride (Jetbeast) to accompany you for the rest of the way.

Follow the markers through the valley, whilst taking care of any mobs in between. Most of them should be a piece of cake with the Jetblaster’s arsenal at your disposal.

Eventually, you’ll reach a dead-end while riding, use the booster that Juno introduced you to earlier, to get to the other side.

Go to Ashfall Peak, and Find Devil Rider Hideout
Follow the marker, and eventually, you’ll come across Devil Riders mounted on some dinosaurs, as well as a bunch of other mobs.

Clear the area, and head forward through the mountain, proceed to the next area by using the green jump booster.

Rescue Titus
Run through the infested mountains until you finally reach a village. Here, you will listen to a cry for help. Clear out all of the Devil Riders present within the area.

Once everything’s clear, talk to Titus in the middle of the village. He’ll reward you with the tech knuckles. Use the explosion to free Titus from the vault.

Crash Party at Hideout
After clearing the area, use your newly acquired tech knuckles to cause an explosion and open the main entrance to the hideout.

Go into the hideout, and prepare yourself for a big showdown against the Devil Riders.

Destroy the Ill-Gotten Goods
Use the tech knuckles to your advantage and destroy the ill-gotten goods.

Find Town Stones, and Find Hot Water Pipes
Head to the marked circle, and go into the basement using the stairs. Use your tech knuckles once again to destroy the hot water pipes using the coresploders.

Find Something Destructive, and Something to Burn
Go out into the open area once again, and you can find the gas can lying at the center of the marked circle on top of a crate.

Place the can into the marked area to start burning everything down.

Kormash in the Bathhouse!
Slide down to the bathhouse after setting the entire base on fire. Your final showdown is with Kormash.

Use the coresploders around the bathhouse to do a decent amount of damage to him. Use cover to avoid his ranged attacks, and it shouldn’t be long before he goes down.

Enter Treasure Room
Place the apple key to open the treasure room. Release the prisoner who will tell you that the stone, or according to him, the egg, was taken away by Rose.

After the brief conversation, your The Name of the Law mission will finally be completed and you can proceed with the DLC.

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