Borderlands 3 Beginner Tips and Tricks – Vehicles, How to Fast Travel, Eridium, Best Weapons

If you are just starting Borderlands 3 and are lost, check out our Beginner Tips and Tricks Guide to learn the ropes in the early hours of the game.

In Borderlands 3, the mechanics of the game haven’t much changed and fit like an old glove but some iterative changes need to be addressed. There are some fresh changes that this Borderlands 3 Beginner Tips Guide will cover and let you start the game at a good note.

Borderlands 3 Beginner Tips

The first thing that you will need to understand and keep in mind is to check your mail frequently.

Sometimes, you get mails after completing quests but sometimes you get those emails out of nowhere so make sure you keep an eye on that.

For that, you will need to press ESC and go to the social menu to read those e-mails and there will be some rewards like guns and cosmetics there as well.

1. Claim your Vehicles
You can really explore the Borderlands 3 world on foot, but having a vehicle on your hands is a better option.

You will have to hijack or steal your vehicles and then you can bring those vehicles back to catch-a-ride to register them.

As you go through the main storyline and any vehicle you encounter from enemies or bandits are yours to hijack and steal from them. You just make sure you register them from the catch-a-ride station and they are yours forever.

2. Fast Travel
In BL3, fast travel mechanism is very easy and you will see some nodes on the map. You can fast travel to these nodes very quickly and easily.

Once you have discovered a station you are able to fast travel to that station from your ECHO Device very conveniently. You can also go to your previously used vehicle location with this fast travel which proves to be quite useful.

3. Backpack and Ammo Reserves
As you go on in the game you will see that keeping one weapon and keeping ammo is never sufficient. You will always run out of it if you don’t take some measures about it. This is one of the most important BL3 tips to keep in mind.

Therefore, you need to carry more than one weapon to deal with this problem less often. You can also upgrade your first and second tier of ammo at Marcus’ shop at the Sanctuary.

If your bag is full you can also make trips to the vendor and sell off the stuff that you don’t need in order to make more space.

4. Using Ping
It is a very useful tactic when you are fighting a difficult enemy or something important is going on. Just point at anything and press X and that will be highlighted for your whole team.

Like ping at an enemy and it will be marked red for the whole team, ping at a weapon and it will be highlighted in blue for the team.

5. Eridium
You will come across Earl, who sells some very cool and rare stuff on the bottom of the Sanctuary but only takes Eridium in return and you might be sweating yourself over the stuff.

At the beginning of the game, it’s hard to get your hands on Eridium but as you progress through the game you will be swimming in it as there will be some specific avenues available later in the game to collect the stuff.

6. Using Correct Weapon
In Borderlands 3, you will have to choose between correct elemental weapons to get the maximum damage while fighting enemies.

If you choose the most compatible weapon you can give hefty damage with a very small amount of attacks. In the game, there are a total of five elemental damage types: Incendiary, Shock, Corrosive, Cryo, and Radiation.

These elements are shown by the enemies’ health bar: Incendiary is represented by a red health bar, Shock as a blue bar while corrosive with a yellow health bar.

Other two damage typed are not connected to any specific element but are generally very useful and can be used in your secondary weapon during any fight.

Cryo will give you ice blasts. These ice blasts are able to slow down a fast enemy and eventually stopping it so that you can make a heavy concentrated attack.

Radiation will make your target Irradiated that will be like a noxious effect taking a toll on enemies’ health over time. And when an enemy dies, it gives off a blast damaging nearby enemies as well.

There is plenty more to discover in Borderlands 3. Go on a journey, explore the open world of this adventurous game and you will come across many other special perks and effects.

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