Borderlands 3 Vehicles Guide – Vehicle Locations, Upgrading Vehicles

Vehicles make a return in Borderlands 3 and we have a guide to teach you how to unlock new vehicles and upgrade old ones for some vehicular mayhem.

Borderlands has a huge world to explore and doing that on foot can be a chore. A vehicle will cut down your travel time significantly and you will get a vehicle in Borderlands 3 after some tutorials and there are some pretty great upgrades also available for these vehicles.

Borderlands 3 Vehicles

Players will not begin the game with a vehicle ready for them instead one will be given to them after completing the tutorial missions and around level 4 you will get a quest named ‘Cult Following’.

For this quest, you just need to follow the instructions in the game and there will come a time when you will be asked to hijack a marked vehicle for Ellie. Get that hijacked by pressing X on XBOX and square on PS4.

And then bring that vehicle back to the catch-a-ride station and it will be registered to your name. Now you can travel the world of BL3 with style.

Whenever you want the vehicle, just go to your nearest catch-a-ride station and select it. Now with Ellie’s quest, you will also be able to upgrade the mounted canon on the vehicle to rocket launcher than your ordinary gun.

Unlock New Vehicles Types
As mentioned above, all the vehicles in the game are available through hijacking or stealing from enemies.

You just need to take out your enemies or steal their vehicles, get back to catch-a-ride and register them under your name and you will be able to use them whenever you want.

As you progress through the storyline you will get lots and lots of vehicle as long as you take them to catch-a-ride. As you progress through the game you will come across the missions that will unlock the new vehicle bodies which are listed below:


Body Type Unlock Conditions
Outrunner Unlocked in “Cult Following”
Technical Unlocked in “Taking Flight”
Cyclone Unlocked in “Hostile Takeover”


Vehicle Customization
You can customize your vehicle also by going to any catch-a-ride location. As you unlock new vehicle body types you will be able you use them and customize them. Below are some vehicle upgrades:

  • Sonic Booster Upgrade
  • Laser Wings Vehicle Upgrade
  • Sticky Mine Vehicle Upgrade

Hijacking Vehicles

You can get new vehicles by hijacking in Borderlands 3. There are some special and really good hijacking locations that can provide you with some rare vehicle parts as well.

Meridian Outskirts Hijack Target Locations
You will find the location in the northeast part of the map. And it will be found on a hanging platform under the broken bridge.

You will need to do some parkour to reach that. It is a sticky technical with a checkered paint job. You need to get that back to catch-a-ride to complete the challenge.

Floodmoor Basin Hijack Targets Locations
You will find two hijack targets at this location. First one will be at the northern edge of the village at the southeast of the map.

When you try to approach it using rocks from the outside you will reach it. That’s where you will find the vehicle on the terrace.

The second one will be in the west of the village in a vast area. You will see that this vehicle is on a giant tree stump and impossible to reach.

You just need to get up the mountain that’s in the middle of the map and get a vehicle through catch-a-ride and jump to land right there on the tree stump. It will take a few tries but it’s not impossible.

Meridian Metroplex Hijack Target Location
You will find this vehicle in the northeast part of the map. It is behind an energy field. And you have to shut it down to reach the vehicle.

For that, you just need to follow the yellow cable and where you see the switch is broken, right up there is a hatch. You need to break the hatch and water will start pouring out, now all you need is electricity.

Shoot the water with some electric weapon and the surge will kill the switch and energy shield barrier will lower down. Now go grab that vehicle on the other side.

Ascension Bluffs Hijack Target Location
When you go to the Ascension bluff fast travel station, you will find your first Catch-A-Ride station right next. On the west of this station, you will find the garage, and the vehicle you are looking for is in this garage.

You need to enter the garage and fight the bandits there. Now before getting into the vehicle you need to open the gate to actually steal the vehicle. And to do so, you need to follow the yellow-colored cable that goes across the forecourt and you will find the power socket. Press the power socket button and the gate will be opened and you’re free to get the vehicle.

Devil’s Razor Hijack Target Location
This is a pretty simple one, as you get to the Catch-A-Ride station in the Devil’s Razor, you will see a big building right to the station. You need to find a way to climb up that you will find through the pipe where there is a big wall painting. When you climb up there, you will find the vehicle right in between two pipes.

Just get in the vehicle and get that to that Catch-A-Ride station and it’s all yours.

The Splinterlands Hijack Target Location
You will find this vehicle at the location named as Technical’s Tire Launcher. The vehicle is locked up in the house and you need to turn the power on to open the gate.

Go to the back of the house and climb it and you will see a power button there. Press the button and then come back and enter the house. Your vehicle will be there waiting for you.

Desolation’s Edge Hijack Target Location
First, you need to get the Cyclone, you will get it by doing a melee on the overgrowth. Now at the outrunner, you need to get through the power shielded gate.

Get on a higher position near the power shielded gate, there you will have to follow those yellow power cables to the generators and shoot the generator in quick succession so you can go through the passage before they can turn back on. There you will find your vehicle.