Bolted Down PlayStation 4 Stolen From Children’s Cancer Ward

A PlayStation 4 stolen from cancer patients…

Stealing is not something that surprises us in this day and age where terrorism and murder are on the rise. Still, sometimes a story comes along that blows your mind and often you feel like losing hope in humanity.

A PlayStation 4 was donated to Wellington Hospital’s children cancer ward. It was bolted to a moveable table and many kids spend time playing games on the console during their chemotherapy sessions. 15 patients visited the day stay every week in the oncology including 9-year-old Angus Little.

Over the past weekend, someone stole the bolted down PlayStation 4 which left Angus Little and other kids heartbroken and angry.

“I’m angry, and pretty annoyed because it was a good distraction for me, and other kids too.”

Angus played Minecraft on PlayStation 4, the game was stolen with the console.


“They took the game too, so the mansion I built on Minecraft is gone.”

According to Hospital general manager Chris Lowry:

“We are extremely disappointed that someone would choose to steal something used to occupy and cheer up children who are undergoing treatment.

“We can confirm that the device was unsecured from a trolley, and stolen sometime during the weekend.”

“Given that hundreds of patients and visitors come through Wellington Regional Hospital every day, we sometimes experience instances of theft, despite our best efforts to prevent it.”

Agnus’ mother says that her son could not understand the thief’s behavior.

“He knows it’s an adult that’s probably done it, but he can’t understand why they would do that to sick kids.”

“It’s such a shame. It really does take his mind off things for those three hours.

“I believe it’s not the first time this has happened, hence why it was bolted to the table.

“It defies belief that somebody would walk into a cancer ward, unbolt it from a table, and deprive sick kids.”

It was mind blowing what some human being can live with and are capable of.

There have been a number of incidents where people stole PS4 consoles so on a related subject; not too long ago, a man returned to his Cheyenne Blvd. apartment in Madison to find out that his apartment has been vandalized, burglarized. Among the things that were stolen was his beloved PlayStation 4. He reported it and things moved on as usual.

To his surprise, only after a few days there was a breakthrough in the case. The victim got a message on his smartphone that his PlayStation 4 has been turned on and is connected to his own Wi-Fi, what?? How can a thief be so stupid to connect the stolen good to the victim’s own Wi-Fi?

The victim understood that his PS4 is nearby and the most likely suspect was a man named Phillip D. Booker. He was later arrested and charged and we hope same is the case with the hospital thief.

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