Bluepoint Games’ Unannounced PS5 Project To “Push Boundaries”

It has come to light that developer Bluepoint Games has been busy working on a new unannounced project presumably for PlayStation 5.

According to an updated LinkedIn profile of chief technology officer Peter Dalton from earlier today, an unannounced title remains in active development “to push the bounds of what Bluepoint Games is capable of.”

Nothing more is known about the new game expect that its development has been ongoing since November 2019, exactly a year before the Demon’s Souls remake was released worldwide to critical acclaim. Bluepoint Games has hence already reached the halfway point of development presuming that its new project takes the same three-year time as the Demon’s Souls remake.

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Bluepoint Games have been at the center of a number of rumors circulating for months about remaking either Metal Gear Solid or rebooting Silent Hill. Sony was even rumored at one point to be acquiring Bluepoint as a first-party PlayStation studio which as far as fans are concerned, should have been done a while back.

Bluepoint Games has earned recognition for producing high-quality remasters and remakes for PlayStation consoles. The studio remastered Ico and Shadow of the Colossus for PlayStation 3 and then for PlayStation 4 down the road. The same studio also remastered the Metal Gear Solid and Uncharted collections.

Bluepoint Games, for those unaware, was involved in the development of Titanfall as well. The developer has even shared a wish to remake the original Half-Life if Valve allows. Though that was purely in jest because following so many remasters and remakes, the studio now wants to work on an original IP of its own making.

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