Bluepoint Games Would Love To Remake Half-Life

The surprising announcement of Half-Life: Alyx from last week has kick-started another round of debate about possible remakes of the past installments. Even though the new entry is a prequel of sorts in virtual reality, the Half-Life-starved fans see it as a step forward towards potentially more entries in the near future. Valve may even be thinking along the same lines and in that regard, one particular developer is already making noise to be given an opportunity.

Bluepoint Games is currently working on something major for PlayStation 5. Based on rumors, the developer is remaking not one but two critically acclaimed classic games. This past Halloween, Bluepoint Games took to Twitter to tease multiple games from that golden era, including Demon’s Souls, which many believe to be the one the developer is remaking right now.

In a recent interview with SegmentNext, president Marco Thrush was asked about a list of games that he would love to either remake or remaster. He replied that any game would do that “millions of fans are eager to play” and mentioned the earlier Halloween tweet (above) in reference. However, following the announcement of Half-Life: Alyx, Thrush added one more game to the list: the original Half-Life.

The original Half-Life is one we would love to remake.

Bluepoint Games has overhauled many classic games to date. The developer remastered Ico and Shadow of the Colossus for PlayStation 3, and for PlayStation 4 down the road. The same studio also remastered the Metal Gear Solid and Uncharted collections. Bluepoint Games, for those unaware, was involved in the development of Titanfall as well. Giving the original Half-Life to the same team wouldn’t be a bad idea unless Valve wants to strictly keep development in-house.


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