How To Get Godrick Knight Set In Elden Ring

You can obtain all four articles of Godrick Knight Set by farming Godrick Knights in the starting limgrave areas in Elden Ring.

The Godrick Knight armor set is another early to mid-game lightweight armor you can find to boost your defensive capabilities in Elden Ring.

Each armor piece of the set improves your robustness, strengthening you against bleeding and frostbite ailments. Such resistance against the status effects allows you to indulge in battles without worrying about your depleting health.

In Elden Ring, the Godrick Knight Set is worn by the Godrick Knights that you can encounter in different places of the game. You will find the Knights patrolling the areas, so you have to reach those sites to eliminate them and acquire the armor pieces of the set.

Where to find the Godrick Knight armor set in Elden Ring

You can obtain all four articles of Godrick Knight Set by farming Godrick Knights in Elden Ring. You will encounter these guards in the Limgrave, an area you can access early on in the game.

Every Godrick Knight has a 3 percent chance to drop a Godrick Knight Set armor piece. So there is no guarantee that you will get the piece after farming the enemies for hours.

However, the only way to complete the Godrick Knight Set in Elden Ring is to keep eliminating the Godrick Knights until they drop all four pieces of the armor set.

You can find these Godrick Knights in two different locations of the Limgrave. One is toward the region’s west side, and for the other, you have to move east toward the riverside.

Godrick Knight armor set location in Elden Ring

Head toward Fort Haight to encounter your enemy, which can provide you with any armor set piece. You will find the Godrick Knight on top of the fort. Take care of your enemy and look for the drop.

However, you can only farm this knight once, so if you are lucky, you might find any piece of the Godrick Knight Set. Otherwise, you must move northwest from the fort toward the Gatefront Ruins in Limgrave.

This is your main farming spot for the Godrick Knights, and you must take care of the enemies patrolling the pathway. So here, you have to kill all the enemies and loot the drop. Keep repeating this process by reloading the area until you get all the pieces to complete the Godrick Knight Set in Elden Ring.

Best way to farm Godrick Knight

Godrick Knights can become worrisome if you start fighting without taking down the smaller pawns’ firsts.

First, eliminate the three weaker guards at the farming site and turn your attention toward the Godrick Knight afterward. You can destroy those enemies with a single clean hit, so get straight into the action without worrying about their incoming attack.

After taking care of the enemies, try to use the dodge-and-attack combo against the Godrick Knight. You must always be ready to dodge the sword attacks from the Knight and try to use the Summoning Spirit during combat.

You create a distraction with the spirits, opening a chance for hit-crit backstabbing attacks. Using any item that increases your Item Discovery rate is also beneficial. This will increase the drop rate for Godrick Knight set pieces, and you might find all four pieces without wasting much of your time.

Keep going at your enemies until you get all four armor pieces, as the armor stats show why all the trouble is worth taking.

Godrick Knight Set stats

With the complete Godrick Knight Set, you substantially increase your defenses against the Slash and Pierce attacks in Elden Ring.

The damage negation rises to a whopping 27.4 versus Slash attacks, and for Pierce, it improves to 25.5 in the game. This ensures that the enemies relying on the physical damage will have certain disadvantages while fighting you.

Your damage negation capabilities against the Fire damage increase to 23.6, making you powerful against the fire users in the game. As mentioned earlier, the robustness stat is highly improved by this armor set, so you do not have to worry about specific ailments that otherwise can be deadly in Elden Ring.

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