Bloodborne The Witch of Hemwick Boss Guide – How to Kill, Tips and Strategy

The Witch of Hemwick is the fifth boss you encounter in Bloodborne. She is inside a large deserted house in Hemwick Charnel Lane.

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Bloodborne The Witch of Hemwick Boss Battle Tips and Strategy

You can acquire 4 Bloodhost Eyeballs and Rune Workshop Tool for defeating her.

To make a short work of The Witch of Hemwick, check that you upgrade your character and primary weapon as much as possible; especially the damage output of your character.

Tip: The best tip related to this boss battle is to end it as quickly as possible!

As the battle continues, you will get surrounded by Soot Monsters which are quite frustrating and you have limited Quicksilver Bullets. For most part of the battle, try to ignore the creatures and see that you are not surrounded.

Once the battle begins, ignore the Soot Monster in front of you and see to your left to spot the witch. Approach the witch and hit her hard with a couple of quick blows.

You only need to watch out for the witch’s area-of-effect spell which is represented by a purple glow around her body.

Tip: The purple glow which appears around the witch when she disappears does not cause any damage.

Drop the witch’s HP to about 50 per cent and a second witch will appear in the battle arena. The second witch is considerably deadlier and agile than the first one.

Once the second witch spawns, increase your pace even more or a third witch will appear in the area, forcing you to deal with them all at once.

After defeating x number of witches, light up the Witch’s Abode lamp, but before returning to Hunter’s Dream, head to the next alleyway, down the stairs, and inside a door to claim the Rune Workshop Tool which allows you to upgrade your weapons using Runes at the Memory Altar.

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