Bloodborne Cleric Beast Boss Guide – How to Kill, Tips and Strategy

The first major boss you will encounter in Bloodborne is Cleric Beast. This boss appears in the Central Yharnam and you acquire Sword Hunter Badge for defeating it.

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Bloodborne Cleric Beast Boss Battle Tips and Strategy

Bloodborne Cleric Beast boss guide has tips and strategies to defeat the boss in the Central Yharnam.

Cleric Beast can be defeated with relative ease using a simple technique. Just as the fight starts, go in and wait for the Beast to deliver the first strike. As soon as you see him going for an attack, dodge directly behind him and ram him with your normal attacks.

By staying behind the boss, you will evade most of his high-damage dealing attack. Do note that you will definitely take some damage from his turning attacks. The idea is to stay behind him as much as possible and spamming the attack button.

Beast also has a jumping attack which he only executes once you are at a long range. During this attack, he hovers in the air for a short while before pouncing on your character.

When you see that the boss has taken to the air, stay in your current position for a short while and then dodge away. It is important to stay for a while because if you do not, he will still land on top of your head.

After depleting around 50 per cent of his HP, Beast will start raging and execute a couple of high-damage dealing attacks. All attacks during the Rage Mode only inflict damage if you are standing too close to the boss.

Therefore, you need to keep as much of a safe distance as possible. Once the Rage Mode has subdued, avoid standing directly in front of the boss – if he grabs hold of you, he will inflict a massive amount of damage.

Like stated above, you need to stay behind him and keep on attacking until you see Rage Mode coming back. One of the most frustrating things to encounter during this boss battle is getting stuck in the side walls of the arena which gives Beast ample time to end the battle with relative ease.

If you ever find yourself in this situation, cancel the lock-on and doge away from the area. Just keep on repeating the strategy provided above and you should end this in no time.

Once you have defeated the boss, go ahead and lit the Great Bridge Lamp in the middle of the area to continue your journey. Oh, and do not forget to level up your character.

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