Bloodborne Father Gascoigne Boss Guide – How to Kill, Tips and Strategy

Father Gascoigne is the second boss you will encounter in Bloodborne. This boss is significantly more difficult than Cleric Beast. After defeating this boss, you will acquire Oedon Tomb Key.

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Bloodborne Father Gascoigne Boss Battle Tips and Strategy

Bloodborne Father Gascoigne guide is an overview of how to defeat the boss in the Central Yharnam.

Father Gascoigne is also a hunter like your character and possesses same attacks as well. He will always hit your character with 2-4 hits and try to parry your attacks using his gun.

The idea of defeating this boss is to hit him twice with successive attacks, dodge, another 2-hit combo, and backing off to replenish your character’s stamina. I highly recommend picking up the Tiny Music Box to make this boss battle much easier.

When used on Father Gascoigne, the Tiny Music Box causes him to fade in pain, providing you ample room to get behind and deliver a well-placed charged attack with a follow-up critical strike. However, the timing of using the TMB is extremely important – ideally, you should consider using it immediately after an attack.


Tip: You can only use TMB once after the boss’s transformation into Beast Mode so use it as much as possible before the transformation.

In the Beast Mode, Gascoigne will stop parrying your attacks since he will lose his off-hand firearm. Your character, on the other hand, will be able to parry all his attacks with well-timed parries.

During this phase of the fight, you should try and stay as close to the boss as possible. Beware though as his claw attacks can deal considerable amount of damage in a short span of time, ending the battle in an instant.

If you choose to stay at long range, make sure to keep an eye out on his leaping attack which covers a lot of ground and can deal considerable amount of damage.

For this phase, you should try and keep to the backside of the Gascoigne. One thing to note is that the boss drastically improves his range in Beast Mode so do not bother with hiding behind the graves to avoid getting hit.

Once you have defeated the boss, lit up the lantern in the area and head back to the Hunter’s Dream if you wish and continue with your journey.

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