Bloodborne Blood-starved Beast Boss Guide – How to Kill, Tips and Strategy

Blood-starved Beast is located in the Old Yharnam. You acquire Pthumeru Chalice upon defeating this foe. This article is an overview of how to defeat the boss in the Old Yharnam:

Before heading in the battle, you need to ensure that you character is well-equipped with Anti-dotes as well as Blood Vials. You should also consider transforming your weapon in long-form.

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Bloodborne Blood-starved Beast Boss Battle Tips and Strategy

Blood-starved Beast is quite an agile boss and jumps around the arena throughout the fight. Therefore, it’s a good idea to transform your weapon so as to land your strikes effectively.

As soon as the boss battle starts, head in and wait for Blood-starved Beast to launch an attack. You must dodge the first attack and try to get on either side if not directly behind it.

The boss uses different attacks at different ranges which are fairly easy to avoid: it will try and bite your character dealing poison damage if you stand in front of it and will leap up with a number of rapid attacks at medium-range which are pretty easy to dodge.

Tip: The boss also uses a couple of sweeping attacks which are also pretty easy to dodge and leave room for follow-up attacks.

As soon as you see Beast’s long-range attack, dodge it and try to get directly behind it. Once you are behind its back, land a charged attack followed by a normal attack. Do note that the timing for this attack is extremely strict, but the damage output is absolutely huge.

Keep on repeating this process until you have dropped its HP down to 50 per cent. At this point, you will notice it standing on its hind legs for a follow-up poison attack. Dodge away as soon as you see it in this stance to avoid taking poison damage.

In addition to this, you will also see poison oozing out of the boss’ body which will also poison you if you get too close to it. If you are poisoned, your life will deplete at a much faster rate.

Keep an eye out on the small bar directly above the HP bar. This bar displays how much your character is poisoned and you should definitely consider using Anti-dote when you see this bar full. Do note that you can only carry 10 Anti-dotes so use them sparingly.

Tip: There are three Anti-dotes located behind the statue on the far side of the room.

Do note that you need to get in close range of Blood-starved Beast in order to deal any damage so you will have to get your poison a little bit. Always keep a lock-on so you are well-aware of the boss’ position and be on your toes to dodge any incoming attacks.

At this stage of the battle, suffice with only a couple of hits before heading back. Also do not waste any opportunity to deliver a Charged Attack.

Like I have mentioned earlier, Blood-starved Beast moves around a lot and it is hard to get a clear hit. Keep using Anti-dotes and Blood Vials to stay alive and keep on poking the boss to win the battle.

Once you have defeated the boss, lit up the Church of the Good Chalice Lamp at the end of the room and continue your journey.

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