Bloober Team Wants to Match The Quality Of Resident Evil And The Last of Us

Bloober Team, the developer of Silent Hill 2 Remake wants to match the quality of Games like Resident Evil and The Last Of Us.

Bloober Team, the developer responsible for Silent Hill 2 Remake really wants to improve its quality of games. Recently, in a letter to shareholders, the developer mentioned that they want to match the quality of games like Resident Evil, The Last of Us and Hellblade with their upcoming projects:

Bloober Team has its own DNA and we want to create projects that will not give way to any of the recognized horror brands, bringing a lot of freshness. We want to be compared qualitatively to such titles as Resident Evil, Silent Hill, The Last of Us or Hellblade.

That’s a good thing to hear as we already know that Bloober Team is currently working on a highly anticipated project with Konami, Silent Hill 2 Remake. Since the announcement of the remake, fans have been quite excited about it so all those expectations naturally bring extra pressure for the developer to deliver a great experience.

However, some of the fans are also concerned if Bloober Team will be able to justify the Silent Hill 2 Remake. While a remake for such an iconic franchise is a big undertaking, we believe that Bloober Team has the talent o pull it off well. And it’s good to see as they targeting big franchises like Resident Evil for their projects.

Silent Hill 2 Remake isn’t the only project Bloober Team is working on. There are three other horror projects in the works. One is in partnership with Private Division which hasn’t been showcased and other two are a Layers of Fear game and Graphic Novel. Apart from Silent Hill 2 remake, we haven’t heard or seen much about the other three projects. In any case, Bloober Team has its work cut out for the next 5 years atleast.

As for Silent Hill 2 Remake, we don’t have an official release date yet. However, we do know that game will be a PS5 timed console exclusive for 12 months atleast and the remake has been in development for some time now. The game will also release on PC with PS5 on the same date but Xbox owners will have to wait for a while to play the remake. We are not sure of rest of Bloober Team games will follow similar pattern or not.

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