Blizzard’s New Survival Game Will Not Be Releasing For A While

Blizzard Entertainment has announced a new survival game to be in the works but which will (naturally) not be releasing anytime soon.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier noted that the survival game has been in development for at least a couple of years and hence remains without a release window.

Blizzard is known to take its sweet time with every new project and suffice to say, its new survival game will not be releasing for another few years, maybe more.

The unnamed survival game will not only be the first new intellectual property since Overwatch but also the first survival game to be made by Blizzard Entertainment. The developer has started hiring but attracting new talent would be difficult considering ongoing legal issues of Activision Blizzard.

Despite the troubles, Schreier has pointed out that many Blizzard developers are excited about the project and that it looks quite promising.

There are no other details to go on at the time of writing unless something leaks in the coming months. The one thing that can be ascertained is Blizzard integrating elements from some of its other franchises. The survival game will probably receive crafting and gathering mechanics of World of Warcraft for starters. That will be in addition to perhaps building and upgrading settlements, hunting and cooking, player-versus-player, and not to forget, magic.

The survival game will be coming out on both consoles and PC. Blizzard has not confirmed on which consoles though. Following its acquisition by Microsoft, and considering the far-off release window, the game might possibly end up being an exclusive for Xbox consoles.

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