Blizzard Giving Away 48 Beautiful Handmade Overwatch Controllers

Blizzard and ARTtitude have joined forces to unveil a whole lineup of high-grade handmade Overwatch controllers for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

There are twenty-four in total for each console, representing every single hero on the current roster. The project involved several talented street artists from Europe, and each design is unique to cater for the vibrant world of Overwatch. They look absolutely stunning but are unfortunately not for sale.

Blizzard will be giving away all forty-eight Overwatch controllers in the coming days and through the year. There are likely to be various digital campaigns, comprising contests and giveaways; as well as freebies for special events such as the annual BlizzCon.

Do note that the partnership between the publisher and art house is specifically for Europe. There is no word if Blizzard plans to hold a similar campaign for North America. For the time being, Europeans should keep a sharp eye on the company’s official channels and accounts for the opportunity of bagging one of these gorgeous limited-edition Overwatch controllers.

48 unique @playoverwatch custom controllers available for Europe. Done by the finest artist from the @arttitude_official collective : @ned9eme @tcnk1 @labarbetattoo @charlytattoo @s2lart @jmonsterart & @marcos_cabrera Follow @blizzard and @playoverwatch on social networks to know how to win one of them ! #myprecious #arttitude #collective #overwatch #limited #collector

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A more detailed look at each individual controller can be found at the official website of the game. It goes without saying that most of these controllers are going to end up on eBay in the end, asking for exuberant amounts of money from fans.

According to Blizzard, the production of custom Overwatch controllers is also part of the ongoing celebrations for the one-year anniversary. The event will continue to run through June 12, after which the developer is expected to release a major patch.

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