Overwatch Anniversary Event Goes Live, Game of the Year Edition Discounted

It is finally time to be part of the first-ever Overwatch Anniversary event and celebrate the momentous occasion by farming loot boxes for new cosmetics.

There are more than a hundred new items to gain, ranging from sprays to icons and voice lines to emotes. The event also marks the largest release of Legendary skins in the game’s history.

As always, players will earn Overwatch Anniversary loot boxes by simply playing and leveling up. Also, a free loot box can be earned by logging in once during the event. Those not in favor of spending time can always purchase the special loot boxes with real-world money.

“We’re humbled and honored to commemorate one year of playing Overwatch with you,” reads an announcement. “What better way to mark the occasion than with new maps and lots of new loot?”

In addition, Blizzard has introduced three new arena maps called Castillo, Black Forest, and Necropolis. Inspired by other locations within the game, the maps are accompanied by two new new game modes. Lockout Elimination tasks teams of three players to compete in a series of fights and successful heroes are removed from later rounds. Limited Duel pits two players against each other in a series of fights and both players can only pick from the same set of heroes in every round.

The Overwatch Anniversary event also brings the new Game of the Year edition to the store. It includes the digital bonuses from the previous Overwatch: Origins Edition as well as ten free loot boxes. For a limited time, both editions have been discounted. Overwatch: Game of the Year edition is available for €39.99 while the standard edition for €19.99.

The Overwatch Anniversary event will continue celebrating until June 12. There will be a free weekend for players to test-drive all twenty-four heroes in all fourteen maps across every game mode. Any progress made during the period will be transferred over if the player decides to purchase a copy afterwards.

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